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01 Mar 2014UNAC
ナンプーラ宣言 UNAC(全国農民連合)2014年度年次総会
05 Feb 2014Amanhá
Por que a SLC vai seguir comprando terras no Brasil
Embora monitore oportunidades em países da África e da América do Sul, a subsidiária SLC LandCO ainda coloca suas fichas no Brasil por uma questão de preço
18 Jan 2014Observador Rural
Post-Fukushima anatomy of studies on ProSAVANA: Focusing on Natalia Fingermann’s "Myths behind ProSAVANA"
Through detailed analysis of ProSavana documents and field research, Sayaka Funada-Classen deals with the evolution of the philosophy and speeches about the programme; the positions of the three governments involved; the possible incoherence and incompatibilities of implementing ProSavana.
14 Jan 2014Euromoney
Land rush on Brazil’s frontier
Transport costs have made the country’s agriculture industry uncompetitive. But new infrastructure projects should transform the opportunities some have seen in land values.
13 Jan 2014Euromoney
Farmland: Yield-starved investors go back to the land
This year could see a surge in interest in farmland from investors with very little experience in this complicated asset class, reports Euromoney
04 Jan 2014The Economist
Farming without fields
Los Grobo does not own a single shovel or acre. Instead it leases machinery and land from others. This outsourcing model is now used for nearly 60% of farmland in Argentina.
28 Dec 2013IPS
Farmers in Mozambique fear Brazilian-style agriculture
The ProSavana programme in the Nacala Corridor is expected to intensify conflicts over land by attracting companies focused on large-scale production.
20 Dec 2013Cronista
Cresud planea expansión agropecuaria en la región vía Brasil por el cepo cambiario
Tras la reciente compra de tierras en Paraguay, apunta a Colombia. Por las trabas en Argentina para enviar dólares al exterior lo hará a través de BrasilAgro, una de las firmas que controla
10 Dec 2013Alai-Amlatina
Les « translatinas » et l’accaparement des terres en Amérique Latine.
En Amérique Latine, l'accaparement des terres présente sans aucun doute une caractéristique distincte, comme l’explique Cristóbal Kay, spécialiste en développement et réforme agraire.
05 Dec 2013This is Africa
Brazil’s development bank heads for Africa
BNDES will open its first Africa office as it looks to finance the expansion of Brazilian companies across the continent
04 Dec 2013World Bulletin
Brazilian indigenous leader murdered
A Brazilian indigenous leader who spent decades campaigning for his tribe’s right to live on their ancestral land was murdered on Sunday night
04 Dec 2013Survival International
Brésil : assassinat d’un leader guarani
Le chef indien guarani Ambrósio Vilhalva a été assassiné dimanche dernier, après avoir lutté pendant des décennies pour les droits territoriaux de sa tribu.

Stop the judicial harrassment of land rights defenders in Sierra Leone! Take action to support members of the Malen Land Owners and Users Association defending their lands against SOCFIN.

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

Who's involved?

18 May 2015 -
Accaparements de terres: de l'analyse à l'action