21 Oct 2014 I&PE
AP2 targets tar sands, farmland for greater scrutiny
Swedish pension fund AP2 plans to conduct an external audit in response to criticism by Swedwatch for not disclosing the precise locations of its Brazilian farm holdings.
01 Oct 2014 World Grain
Noble, COFCO complete agribusiness joint venture
COFCO, Hopu Investment, Temasek, IFC and Standard and Chartered announce that the transaction to acquire Noble Agri through a holding company has gone through.
11 Sep 2014 Guardian
Tropical forests illegally destroyed for commercial agriculture
Increasing international demand for palm oil, beef, soy and wood is fuelling the illegal destruction of tropical forests at an alarming rate.
29 Aug 2014 ANBA
Arabs participate in Brazil-Africa integration
A project with Algerian investment in Brazil and another with Brazilian investment in Sudan were presented at the Brazil-Africa Forum this Friday in Fortaleza, Ceará.
25 Aug 2014 TN Online
Investidores estrangeiros cobiçam setor de agronegócio
Pela primeira vez começam a surgir fundos levantando capital com finalidade de fazer aquisições no agronegócio.
12 Aug 2014 Farmland Investor
TIAA-CREF buying 31,000 acres of Florida cropland for $91.4 million as Alico exits sugarcane farming business
US pension fund manager TIAA-CREF, under pressure to put cash to work after having raised $2bn for TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture, agreed to purchase 12,528 ha of farmland in Florida.
11 Aug 2014 AFP
Deux richissimes Brésiliens veulent s'emparer du roi de la banane Chiquita
Deux richissimes Brésiliens, dont le milliardaire et homme d'affaires Joseph Safra, veulent s'emparer du géant américain de la banane Chiquita Brands et ont mis sur la table lundi 611 millions de dollars pour parvenir à leurs fins.
30 Jul 2014 Via Campesina
Brazil and Japan: The Mozambican government invited us to participate in the ProSavana program
After concerns were raised about the negative effects ProSavana poses to the Mozambican peasants, the governments of Brazil and Japan defended their participation in the program.
26 Jul 2014 Folha 8
Japão admite que programa agrícola moçambicano ProSavana baseia-se em polémico modelo brasileiro
Um conselheiro da embaixada do Japão em Moçambique reconheceu que o programa agrícola moçambicano ProSavana tem como modelo o Prodecer, implementado no Brasil.
25 Jul 2014 Via Campesina
Mozambique: civil society organizations decided to globalize the ‘No to ProSavana’ campaign and promise to give legal responsibility to ‘perperators’
The plan of action was revealed during a Press Conference on the second Triangular Conference of the Peoples held on July the 24th, in Maputo.
25 Jul 2014 ????????DW??????????????
25 Jul 2014
本参考資料は、「NGO・外務省定期協議会 2014 年度第1 回ODA 政策協議会 (2014 年7 月25 日開催)」の報告事項(プロサバンナに関する件)に向けて作成され、発表されたものである。


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