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19 Feb 2012Hindu Business Line
Large-scale commercial farming in Africa
According to Rana Kapoor, head of India's Yes Bank, Africa offers immense opportunity in terms of investment in large-scale commercial farming, quoting rates of return of 18-21% and above.
05 Feb 2012Monitor
Madhvani wins Amuru land case
Thousands of residents of Amuru District community, in Uganda, could soon lose their land after Gulu High Court ruled that over 40,000 hectares be given to Madhvani Group of companies to grow sugarcane.
05 Jan 2012Le Monde
Choc de cultures en Ethiopie
Gilles van Kote, envoyé spécial du Monde, et Jiro Ose, photographe japonais basé à Addis-Abeba, se sont rendus dans la région de Gambela, à la pointe occidentale de l'Ethiopie, pour enquêter sur le phénomène de location de terres.
29 Dec 2011Ethiotube
Channel4News - agriculture revolution or land grab?
Channel4News Jonathan Rugman has special report from Ethiopia on the revolution in agricultural production - but small tenant farmers say they now have less food to eat than before the changes began.
23 Dec 2011CS Monitor
Is Indian investment in Ethiopian farms a 'land grab?'
Investment by Indian-owned Karuturi Global has raised questions about whether Ethiopia is literally giving away the farm, or conversely, launching a 'green revolution' to help Ethiopia feed itself.
21 Dec 2011Goimonitor.com
The Indian land grab In Africa
Joining the neo-colonial bandwagon, Indian companies are taking over agricultural land in African nations and exporting produced food at the cost of locals
11 Dec 2011BBC
Indian firms look to Africa for business opportunities
Karuturi Global is now one of the biggest private land owners in the world. They have invested over a quarter of a billion dollars in Ethiopia and Kenya alone. BBC reports.
11 Dec 2011BBC
Indian firms look to Africa for business opportunities
"We are using knowledge and resources from Latin America and North America, capital from this part of the world (India) and land from Africa to make hopefully a heady cocktail,"says Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi
04 Dec 2011Economic Times
Ramakrishna Karuturi: Man behind Karuturi Global - world's largest producer of cut roses
“We have finalised deals with four big agro companies in India for joint ventures for different crops that we are looking at growing – rice, maize, oil palm and sugarcane,” says Karuturi.
03 Dec 2011Toronto Star
Africa's farmland in demand: 'Is there a better place than this?'
The 19th century had the Great Scramble for Africa, when developed nations raced for several decades to lay claim to new territories and their riches. This century may yet be known as the Great Selloff of Africa.
01 Dec 2011Deccan Herald
Karnataka govt move to give farmers a stake in agri biz
The State government announced that it would amend relevant laws to enable farmers to use their land as equity in farming collaborations with private companies.
30 Nov 2011Times of India
Farmers oppose agri-meet
"If we lose our family farmers, we'll lose the diversity in our food supply, and what we eat will be dictated to us by a few large corporations," says Chukki Nanjundaswamy of the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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