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23 Oct 2011El País
Pelea por nuevas tierras
Especuladores, Gobiernos, bancos y fondos de pensiones se lanzan a comprar
21 Oct 2011Abugida Info
African land grab: what Indian companies do in Ethiopia is what they are not allowed to do in India
The Ethiopian government has miserably failed to engage and convince citizens about the present and long-term implications of farmland grabbing.
17 Oct 2011Nazret
Karuturistan, Ethiopia: The fire next time?
For Gambellans who live as pastoralist and subsistence farmers, massive dispossession and auctioning off their land for pennies will inevitably destroy the very fabric of their society and way of life and threaten them with extinction.
15 Oct 2011Gulf Times
Hassad plans overseas investments
Hassad Food Company is keen to secure food supplies for Qatar at reasonable prices through local and international investments in various countries, according to an article in the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry memorial book ‘40 Years of Excellence and Achievement.’
12 Oct 2011Business Standard
Karuturi to outsource Ethiopian land to Indian farmers
Karuturi Global is looking at outsourcing 20,000 hectares of farm land in the African nation to Indian farmers on a revenue-sharing basis.
11 Oct 2011Outlook India
The new East India Cos
Obtaining millions of hectares for farming in Africa, Indian firms are playing predator.
05 Oct 2011Business Standard
Karuturi incurs $15 mn loss as floods ravage maize crop in Ethiopia
Karuturi in a statement said the floods had affected its maize crop in over 12,000 hectares of land that has been leased to them.
24 Sep 2011IndiaCompanyNews
Karuturi Global Ltd contemplating $2.5 billion investment in Tanzania's agriculture
India-based company Karuturi Global Limited is planning to make an investment of $2.5 billion in farmland in Tanzania in the upcoming years.
17 Sep 2011ZeeNews
Chauhan in China to make pitch for investments in MP
Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh's meetings with a delegation from Kenya, Karuturi and Ethiopia were focused on agriculture development and possible areas of work for mutual benefit.
13 Sep 2011Times of India
Swiss giant Glencore may bid for KS Oils
The world's largest commodities trader Glencore International AG is evaluating a bid for KS Oils, a leading Indian edible oil firm that has recently been acquiring farmland in Indonesia
12 Sep 2011Newsclick
Africa land grab: New century, more colonisers
Indian companies acquire land in Africa at throw away prices to ensure India's food security. Prof Jayati Ghosh analyses the issue and offers alternative solutions.
09 Sep 2011Economic Times
Private Equity firms eye to invest in indian agriculture & food sector
Indian companies are looking at agricultural outsourcing by opting for cheaper options in neighbouring countries so as to produce things at less cost, making this sector lucrative to the PE firms

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