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16 Oct 2012CAI
Land acquisitions: India’s investments in Africa
India is one of Africa’s biggest investors in agricultural land.
16 Oct 2012Consultancy Africa
Land acquisitions: India’s investments in Africa
This paper examines the incidence of large-scale purchase of agricultural land in Africa by Indian investors.
28 Sep 2012Jeune Afrique
Sunny Verghese, les pieds sur terre
Olam est l'un des sept leaders du marché alimentaire mondial. Mais il se distingue par son intérêt pour l'amont de la filière, un secteur rémunérateur, selon Sunny Verghese.
09 Sep 2012CETRI
Emprise et empreinte de l’agrobusiness
Architectes et principales bénéficiaires de la libéralisation des échanges agricoles, les firmes de l’agrobusiness ne cessent de renforcer leur emprise sur le système agroalimentaire mondial.
03 Sep 2012Alternatives Internationales
Luttes foncières : les nouveaux adversaires des sans-terre
Dossier paru dans « Alternatives Internationales » de septembre 2012
09 Aug 2012Agrimoney
Africa farm firm acquires 220,000-hectare landbank
The Nevada US firm Farm Lands of Africa has, after two years, accelerated its development into an agricultural producer by buying a rice-to-eucalyptus group in the Republic of Guinea with a landbank of 220,000 hectares, an area nearly the size of Luxembourg.
06 Aug 2012Hardman & Co
Commercial viability & value creation in West African palm oil production
Overview of the palm oil sector in West Africa - major players (Siva, SIAT, Sime Darby, SIFCA, Bolloré, Olam...), hectarage under foreign corporate control, etc.
20 Jul 2012PANAP
Organisations in Asia strategise in opposing land grabbing
Participants from various communities shared documented cases, stories and photos of how large-scale investments of local and foreign owned companies are displacing communities and how people oppose such type of investments.
14 Jul 2012FBN
India pumps in food processing, agriculture tech expertise into Africa
Some of the major factors drawing companies from India to Africa in addition to the fertile land and natural resources are the exemption from taxes/duties, along with ample government assistance.
02 Jul 2012Global Times
Indians decry move to open up retail to foreign investment
Many in India's eastern state of West Bengal worry the central government's decision to allow foreign direct investment in retail trade would incur loss of jobs even farmers' land.
27 Jun 2012Times of India
India among top 10 land grabbers, sellers: Report
India is among the top 10 nations to acquire land in both domestic and transnational deals, according to a report released this month by the Washington-based World Watch Institute
22 Jun 2012IANS
African countries invite Indian investment in agriculture
African nations like Zambia, Ethiopia and Mozambique invited Indian investors to invest in various sectors, especially in agriculture, saying this has the potential to provide food to both Africa and India.

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