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Petition against landgrab in the state of Odisha, India
Please sign and share the petition
09 Apr 2013Business Today
Ram Karuturi mulls taking his rose-to-maize company private
Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi feels a growing sense of unease these days. It stems from an email that Karuturi received on March 7. The sender wrote he had lost Rs 7 lakh by investing in Karuturi Global Ltd's shares.
08 Apr 2013Business Today
An ambition pricked
Ram Karuturi mulls taking his rose-to-maize company private as its stock shows no signs of bouncing back.
04 Apr 2013FirstPost
Tax haven expose: Some bizmen say identity mistaken, others nothing
The 612 Indians on the list of those who have invested in tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands include two MPs, a former royal, top industrialists and the CEO of Karuturi Global.
03 Apr 2013Arabian Business
Qatar's Hassad buys stake in Indian rice firm
Hassad Food Co, the agricultural investment arm of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, has bought a majority stake in an Indian basmati rice company for more than $100m, it was reported on Wednesday.
28 Mar 2013Pambazuka
BRICS grab African land and sovereignty
BRICS states, except Russia, are enhancing and facilitating land grabs abroad in a way that is inconsistent with their proclamations of sustainable development, cooperation solidarity, and respect of national sovereignty.
28 Mar 2013Bloomberg
Karuturi to borrow from sovereign fund after first Ethiopia crop
Karuturi said it will borrow "hundreds of millions" of dollars from a sovereign wealth fund to invest in farming in East Africa after development banks declined to provide assistance because of “unfair” criticism by advocacy groups
04 Mar 2013Bangalore Mirror
US NGO slams city rose grower’s Ethiopia venture
It alleges that the dealings of Karuturi Global, one of India’s largest flower growers, in the African nation do not smell as sweet as what it grows
25 Feb 2013The Guardian
Indian land grabs in Ethiopia show dark side of south-south co-operation
The takeover of peoples' land and water by corporations – even if they are from the global south – is a new form of colonisation, writes Anuradha Mittal.
21 Feb 2013Al Jazeera
Georgia farms face Indian 'invasion'
Thousands of Punjabi farmers have bought land in distant Georgia lured by cheap prices, angering some locals.
19 Feb 2013RSTV
India's World - Indian firms in Africa land rush
Discussion about Indian companies grabbing land for food production in Africa
19 Feb 2013The Hindu
How Ethiopians are being pushed off their land
Indian companies are among the biggest land holders in the African country through deals concluded in dubious circumstances

Stop the judicial harrassment of land rights defenders in Sierra Leone! Take action to support members of the Malen Land Owners and Users Association defending their lands against SOCFIN.

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

Who's involved?

18 May 2015 -
Accaparements de terres: de l'analyse à l'action