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22 May 2013Global Voices
Are Indian companies “land grabbing” in Africa?
The Hindu's Addis Ababa correspondent Aman Sethi has recently written about Indian companies’ involvement in Ethiopia and Mali, and on 19 May he took part in a Q&A session on Facebook on the issue of so-called Indian land grabs in African countries.
19 May 2013The Hindu
When the levee breaks
Karuturi Global faces accusations of causing floods to local villages, not paying taxes, contributing to human rights violations and providing dismal working conditions at its farming operations in Gambela, Ethiopia.
07 May 2013Live Mint
Maharashtra’s sugar cooperatives seek to expand in Africa
Governments in African countries lease out land at low rates, which makes it attractive to investors
06 May 2013Hindu Business Line
The food pirates
Foreign investment in African land has been greatly fostered by the Indian Government and its business associations.
22 Apr 2013TJN et al
Karuturi : une litanie de problèmes
Karuturi Global Limited, société holding de droit indien et dont le siège est situé à Bangalore, peut se retrouver sous la loupe de l'administration fiscale du Kenya pour fraude fiscale, mais les plaintes déposées contre elle vont plus loin.
22 Apr 2013TJN et al
Karuturi, coupable de fraude fiscale
Le gouvernement kenyan a déclaré Karuturi coupable de fraude fiscale. C'est la première fois qu'un gouvernement africain traduit une importante société multinationale en justice pour une manipulation des prix de transfert par le biais d'une procédure entièrement publique.
22 Apr 2013TJN et al
Karuturi culpable de evasión fiscal
El gobierno de Kenya halló culpable de evasión fiscal a Karuturi Global Ltd, el productor de rosas cortadas más grande del mundo. Ésta es la primera vez que un gobierno africano lleva a los tribunales —mediante un proceso público— a una enorme compañía multinacional por manipular sus precios de transferencia.
22 Apr 2013TJN et al
Karuturi guilty of tax evasion
The Kenyan government has found Karuturi Global Ltd, the world's biggest producer of cut roses, guilty of tax evasion. This is the first time an African government has brought a large multinational company to court for transfer mispricing through a fully public process.
22 Apr 2013TJN et al
Karuturi: una letanía de problemas
Nota de contexto que acompaña al boletín de prensa del 19 de abril de 2013
22 Apr 2013TJN et al
Karuturi: A litany of trouble
Background note to accompany a joint press release on the Kenyan government finding Karuturi Global Ltd guilty of tax evasion
Petition against landgrab in the state of Odisha, India
Please sign and share the petition
09 Apr 2013Business Today
Ram Karuturi mulls taking his rose-to-maize company private
Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi feels a growing sense of unease these days. It stems from an email that Karuturi received on March 7. The sender wrote he had lost Rs 7 lakh by investing in Karuturi Global Ltd's shares.

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

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