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10 Jan 2013Macauhub
Empresa indiana investe em Moçambique na produção de feijão-da-china e sementes de sésamo
A empresa indiana Primus Agri Projects Private Limited está a investir 3 milhões de dólares na província de Nampula, em Moçambique, para a produção em moldes empresariais de feijão-da-china (“Vigna Radiata”) e sementes de sésamo
10 Jan 2013Agence Ecofin
Des Indiens investissent dans le sésame au Mozambique
Primus Agri Products Private Ltd va investir $ 3 millions pour produire du haricot mungo et du sésame dans la province de Nampula au Mozambique.
10 Jan 2013Macauhub
Indian company invests in mung bean and sesame seed production in Mozambique
Primus Agri Products is investing US$3 million to commercially produce mung beans and sesame seeds on 170 ha in Mozambique’s Nampula province for export to Asia.
07 Jan 2013The Guardian
Punjabi farmers find pastures new (and cheap) in Georgia
High land prices are forcing Indians to till the more welcoming soils of the Caucasus
31 Dec 2012FICCI Business Digest
FICCI President leads industry mission to Ethiopia, addresses COMESA Business Forum
The delegation consisted of senior business leaders from Indian companies such as Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi of Karuturi Global Ltd
29 Dec 2012Down to Earth
India inc involved in land grab abroad too, says international non-profit
According to the data presented by international non-profit Rights and Resource Initiative, Indian companies have acquired 63,000 sq km land, an area almost twice the size of Kerala, in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.
19 Dec 2012The Hindu
Land grab by MNCs in Africa cause for concern: Experts
The controversy regarding India’s permission to allow foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail and growing “land grab” in Africa by multinational corporations are being closely watched globally by agriculture experts, researchers and donors.
26 Oct 2012The Hindu
Indian firms reap bitter harvest in Africa
Indian companies which invested in controversial deals involving hundreds of thousands of acres of land in Ethiopia have found themselves out of their depth in a fast-growing African economy.
16 Oct 2012CAI
Land acquisitions: India’s investments in Africa
India is one of Africa’s biggest investors in agricultural land.
16 Oct 2012Consultancy Africa
Land acquisitions: India’s investments in Africa
This paper examines the incidence of large-scale purchase of agricultural land in Africa by Indian investors.
28 Sep 2012Jeune Afrique
Sunny Verghese, les pieds sur terre
Olam est l'un des sept leaders du marché alimentaire mondial. Mais il se distingue par son intérêt pour l'amont de la filière, un secteur rémunérateur, selon Sunny Verghese.
09 Sep 2012CETRI
Emprise et empreinte de l’agrobusiness
Architectes et principales bénéficiaires de la libéralisation des échanges agricoles, les firmes de l’agrobusiness ne cessent de renforcer leur emprise sur le système agroalimentaire mondial.

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01 Oct 2014 - Maputo
III International peasant conference on land