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19 Oct 2013
Indonesia to invest in Agusan's palm oil
Indonesian investors from two of its government-owned companies are planning to invest in a 60,000 ha palm oil plantation in the Philippines' province.
16 Oct 2013Mongabay
Palm oil deal undermines efforts to resolve 25-year conflict in Sumatra
Local groups call on governor of Jambi province to cancel PT Asiatic Persada’s permit after Wilmar’s sale of the company stalls IFC-mediated talks.
14 Oct 2013PANAP
PAN AP partners launch 'land grabs' book to mark 'World Foodless Day'
Partner organizations of Pesticide Action Network - Asia and the Pacific launch a book compiling seven case studies on land grabbing in the region as part of its activities to mark "World Foodless Day"
02 Oct 2013Videohuma
Hutan Adat Paska Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi No. 35
Tahun 2012 mengatakan bahwa Hutan Adat Bukan lagi bagian dari Hutan Negara. Film ini berisi penjelasan dan penegasan para tokoh instansi negara, pakar hukum dan masyarakat adat mengenai Putusan MK No. 35. (English subtitles)
01 Oct 2013Awas MIFEE
UN Commission raises concerns about MIFEE with Indonesia
Acting on a letter sent by 27 organisations, the UN Commission on the Elimination on Racial Discrimination wrote to Indonesia’s Ambassador, raising concerns about the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate.
01 Oct 2013Jakarta Globe
Australian PM welcomes Indonesia joint ventures on cattle
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott throws his support behind Jakarta’s plans to invest in Australian cattle farms to help end a trade dispute that has devastated his country’s cattle industry and boosted beef prices in Indonesia.
30 Sep 2013food-navigator
Indonesian plantation monopolies under threat
The Indonesian Government is planning to crack down on further expansion of groups in the powerful palm oil plantation industry and, indirectly, foreign conglomerates.
25 Sep 2013The Examiner
Indonesian land buy may go over 1.5m hectares
The Indonesian government may be in the market for an even larger slice of Australian land than the 1.5 million hectares it has proposed.
18 Sep 2013RFI
L'Indonésie lorgne les terres australiennes pour produire du bœuf
Pour assurer son approvisionnement en viande de bœuf, l'Indonésie envisage d'acheter plus d'un million d'hectares en Australie.
12 Sep 2013ABC
Indonesian beef plan sparks foreign investment debate
A move by the Indonesian government to buy one million hectares of land for beef production in Australia for its own local market has reignited the foreign ownership debate.
12 Sep 2013ABC
Indonesia approves plan to buy 1 million hectares of Australian grazing land
Indonesia has moved to solve its beef supply problems by approving a plan to buy one million hectares of Australian farmland, a plot four times the size of the Australian Capital Territory.
12 Sep 2013The Land
Indonesia's ag land plans
Indonesia's announcement yesterday that it plans to buy a million hectares of Australian agricultural land to raise beef cattle is the clearest signal yet that it wants to lower its dependence on the current live export system.

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