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06 Mar 2014mongabay.com
Clash with palm oil company leaves one indigenous community member dead in Sumatra
A member of the Suku Anak Dalam indigenous community was killed and five others were injured during a clash with security forces on an oil palm concession owned by PT Asiatic Persada in Sumatra.
03 Mar 2014jakarta Post
East Kalimantan sets aside 400,000 hectares for agricultural development
Indonesia's East Kalimantan provincial administration has set aside a 400,000 hectare plot of land for agricultural development for investors.
17 Feb 2014FPP
Palm oil company efforts to slow deforestation not sustainable
A new report explores how one of Indonesia’s largest palm oil companies, Golden Agri Resources, is piloting its new Forest Conservation Policy in West Kalimantan.
10 Feb 2014The Star
FGV denies report on land sale talks with Tadmax
Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) has denied being in discussions with Tadmax Resources Bhd over the sale of the latter’s land in Indonesia.
29 Jan 2014Awas MIFEE
Plan similar to MIFEE in FakFak
Fakfak (on the Southern Coast of West Papua Province), has plans to start a program to develop integrated agribusiness similar to MIFEE in Merauke.
23 Jan 2014The Ecologist
Palm oil company plan to slow deforestation 'another land-grab'
A palm oil company's 'forest conservation' programme in Indonesia has ended up being a second land grab, writes Marcus Colchester - seizing resources from local communities' control.
21 Jan 2014awasMIFEE
Communion of Churches in Indonesia calls for MIFEE to be stopped!
The Communion of Churches in Indonesia has asked the Indonesian Government to call a halt to the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate project, because it will mean the indigenous Marind people’s local wisdom will be lost.
20 Jan 2014Eco-Business
Golden Agri, APRIL under fresh scrutiny for unsustainable practices
Communities face a “double whammy” in which High Carbon Stock areas restrict locals from cultivating the land while companies establish plantations outside of the zone where people are already farming.
14 Dec 2013Mongabay
Indonesian palm oil company demolishes homes and evicts villagers in week-long raid
Nearly 150 homes destroyed in the latest incident in conflict between indigenous Batin Sembilan residents and former Wilmar company.
23 Nov 2013Aliran
Sarawak indigenous communities launch campaign against land grabbing
Leaders of Sarawak indigenous groups gathered at a public forum in Kuching to launch an online signature campaign against land grabbing by private and government corporations in their communties.
21 Nov 2013FOE
Financiers of palm oil must stop deforestation and illegal activity
Illegal and harmful production of palmoil in Indonesia is continuing, reveals a new report released today by Friends of the Earth.
21 Nov 2013Amis de la Terre
Banques françaises: dites non à l'huile de palme !
La production illégale et destructrice d'huile de palme en Indonésie se poursuit, telle est la conclusion d'un nouveau rapport publié aujourd'hui par les Amis de la Terre.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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08 Mar 2015 - New York
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