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18 Aug 2014Bernama
Malaysian firms will lose if Indonesia caps ownership
Indonesian lawmakers are looking to restrict foreign ownership of plantations to no more than 30 per cent from a maximum of 95% currently.
15 Aug 2014Reuters
Indonesia lawmakers draft bill to slash foreign ownership of plantations
Indonesian lawmakers are looking to restrict foreign ownership of plantations to no more than 30 percent, as the top palm oil producer tries to maximise land usage, protect indigenous people and tighten environmental controls.
05 Aug 2014Ecoticias
La producción de aceite de palma y azúcar, motor de la deforestación
La empresa Wilmar Internacional, uno de los mayores operadores del mundo de aceite de palma y azúcar, continúa con sus prácticas abusivas de deforestación y acaparamiento de tierras.
24 Jul 2014Reuters
Louis Dreyfus quits palm oil venture in Indonesia
Global trader Louis Dreyfus Commodities has left a joint venture operating palm oil plantations across 50,000 ha in Indonesia after an investment review.
21 May 2014Awas MIFEE
#savearu mengusir Menara Group, saatnya untuk #savebovendigoel
Mungkin kisah PT Menara Group di Aru telah usai, sekarang saatnya untuk melihat ke Boven Digoel.
21 May 2014Awas MIFEE
#savearu sees off Menara Group, time to #savebovendigoel
The story may be over for the Menara Group in Aru, Indonesia. Now it’s time to look at Boven Digoel, where Menara is using the pretext of oil palm plantations to get its hands on 400,000 ha of primary forest.
18 May 2014Mongabay
Pejuang Petani Eva Bande Ditangkap, Giliran Kasus Bos Sawit Malah Dilupakan
Eva Bande, aktivis perempuan pejuang agraria ditangkap karena memimpin perjuangan petani melawan perusahaan sawit di Desa Piondo, Kecamatan Toili.
10 May 2014The Observer
Vast hidden profits: from Asia's palm oil giants to a tiny British tax haven
Indonesian court helps to tear aside the veil of secrecy under which huge corporations operate in UK-linked tax havens
07 May 2014WRM
Interview with Sawitwatch about the impacts of industrial oil palm plantations in Indonesia and the experience with the RSPO
Jefri Saragih talks about his organisation's long experience with the RSPO and the impacts of oil palm plantations in Indonesia.
05 May 2014Der Spiegel
The dirty business of palm oil
Much of the palm oil we consume comes from Indonesia, where brutal methods are deployed against locals. One of the main suppliers says it is cleaning up its act, but has it really changed?
29 Apr 2014La Croix
Oxfam accuse des grandes banques australiennes
Elle accuse ces établissements de financer des sociétés impliquées dans des spoliations foncières, des exploitations forestières illégales et le travail des enfants.
21 Apr 2014Interconintental Cry
Did the Aru Islanders just stop a 500,000 hectare plantation threat?
Since 2007, a plantation company had been scheming to take over more than three-quarters of the Indigenous islanders’ ancestral land in the Aru islands of Indonesia.

SIGN-ON: Social movements and civil society organizations are invited to endorse the “Call of CSOs to their governments on the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa” by Monday 1 June 2015. 

Human Rights Watch is seeking applicants for the position of Researcher on Women and Land. This position will be responsible for developing and implementing a research and advocacy agenda focusing on the impacts of large-scale international land acquisitions on women’s human rights in Africa and Asia.

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

Who's involved?

27 May 2015 - Paris
Et maintenant nos terres: Première projection
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05 Jun 2015 - Chiang Mai
Land grabbing: Perspectives from East and Southeast Asia
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