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14 Dec 2013Mongabay
Indonesian palm oil company demolishes homes and evicts villagers in week-long raid
Nearly 150 homes destroyed in the latest incident in conflict between indigenous Batin Sembilan residents and former Wilmar company.
23 Nov 2013Aliran
Sarawak indigenous communities launch campaign against land grabbing
Leaders of Sarawak indigenous groups gathered at a public forum in Kuching to launch an online signature campaign against land grabbing by private and government corporations in their communties.
21 Nov 2013FOE
Financiers of palm oil must stop deforestation and illegal activity
Illegal and harmful production of palmoil in Indonesia is continuing, reveals a new report released today by Friends of the Earth.
21 Nov 2013Amis de la Terre
Banques françaises: dites non à l'huile de palme !
La production illégale et destructrice d'huile de palme en Indonésie se poursuit, telle est la conclusion d'un nouveau rapport publié aujourd'hui par les Amis de la Terre.
16 Nov 2013Jakarta Globe
Indonesia’s forest communities victims of ‘legal land grabs’
Communities are finding that ancestral lands are slipping into the hands of foreign companies for oil palm cultivation, as demand for the product grows in Europe, India and China.
08 Nov 2013Guardian
Major palm oil companies accused of breaking ethical promises
Large plantations are destroying forests, damaging wildlife and causing social conflict in Asia and Africa, report finds.
23 Oct 2013Awas MIFEE
Three years of MIFEE: A growing movement against plantations in West Papua
Throughout Merauke Regency in the southern part of West Papua, a land controversially annexed by Indonesia 50 years ago, indigenous communities are having to learn fast how to resist corporate manipulations.
22 Oct 2013Jakarta Globe
Greenpeace slams palm oil giant supplying Oreo, Gillette
Oreo cookies and Gillette shaving cream are among products driving the destruction of Indonesia’s forests, Greenpeace says, accusing agri giant Wilmar for supplying “dirty palm oil” to make the grocery items.
21 Oct 2013Basta !
Sumatra : comment l’huile de palme a chassé des centaines de paysans de leurs terres
Alors qu’en France, un projet de surtaxe de l’huile de palme fait toujours débat, que se passe-t-il chez le premier producteur mondial de palme, l’Indonésie ? Expropriation de communautés locales, soumissions contraintes des petits agriculteurs aux grandes firmes contrôlées par l’Etat…
19 Oct 2013
Indonesia to invest in Agusan's palm oil
Indonesian investors from two of its government-owned companies are planning to invest in a 60,000 ha palm oil plantation in the Philippines' province.
16 Oct 2013Mongabay
Palm oil deal undermines efforts to resolve 25-year conflict in Sumatra
Local groups call on governor of Jambi province to cancel PT Asiatic Persada’s permit after Wilmar’s sale of the company stalls IFC-mediated talks.
14 Oct 2013PANAP
PAN AP partners launch 'land grabs' book to mark 'World Foodless Day'
Partner organizations of Pesticide Action Network - Asia and the Pacific launch a book compiling seven case studies on land grabbing in the region as part of its activities to mark "World Foodless Day"

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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