Sierra Leone
09 Dec 2015 Standard Times
Rapid expansion of large scale land deals in Sierra Leone: The contentions amidst weak land tenure systems
Land grabbing is a direct acquisition of land shaped by failures of democracy, and economic governance.
11 Oct 2015 Daily Beast
A $200 million dollar shell game in Seychelles
Chinnakannan Sivasankaran, “one of the world’s largest farmland holders”, allegedly used bankruptcy for fun and profit.
01 Oct 2015 ReAct
Point de situation
La silence du groupe SOCFIN a mené à une nouvelle série de mobilisations dans les différents pays dès le mois d’Avril 2015, qui se sont achevées par des actions lors des assemblées générales du groupe Socfin puis Bolloré.
16 Sep 2015 ReAct
Libération des leaders de l’association Maloa en Sierra Leone
Les 7 membres de l’association de défense des droits des riverains de la plantation Socfin-Bolloré en Sierra Leone ont été libérés suite au paiement de leur caution.
11 Sep 2015 ReAct
Intensification de la répression sur la plantation Socfin Agricultural Company contrôlée par Bolloré
Arrestation de 7 membres de l'association MALOA en Sierra Leone
26 Aug 2015 Sierra Express
Questions we need to ask about what would be the second largest rubber plantation in Africa
China has confirmed the continuation of a $1.2 billion rubber and rice investment deal in Sierra Leone, covering 135,000 hectares, that was signed in 2012.
17 Jul 2015 Sustainability
Effects of large-scale acquisition on food Insecurity in Sierra Leone
This study set out to investigate the food security outcomes of land acquisitions in northern Sierra Leone
22 Apr 2015 ReAct
Peasant farmers launch series of occupations on Socfin’s plantations
Peasant farmers deprived of their lands launch a series of occupations on Socfin’s plantations in Cameroon, Liberia, Cambodia and Côte d’Ivoire from now until the annual shareholder meetings of the Socfin group (27 May) and the Bolloré group (4 June).
22 Apr 2015 ReAct
Occupations sur les plantations Socfin
Les paysans privés de leurs terres lancent une série d’occupations sur les plantations Socfin au Cameroun, au Liberia, au Cambodge et en Côte d’Ivoire qui va durer jusqu’aux Assemblées Générales des groupes Socfin (27 mai) et Bolloré (4 juin).
27 Mar 2015 Independent
Phoenix Africa: A boxer, a grandee and an ex-soldier seek $27m for rice-producing business in Sierra Leone
An Oxford University boxing blue, a former Shell chairman, and an ex-SAS commanding officer are looking to raise $26.6m to build the biggest food company in Ebola-scarred Sierra Leone.
26 Mar 2015 FIDH
Sierra Leone : Judicial harassment of land rights defenders
Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders calls upon the authorities of Sierra Leone to put an end to all acts of harassment against several members of the Malen Land Owners and Users Association.
27 Jan 2015 ALLAT
Press release on Bamba Village shooting incident
In wake of shooting and arrests, ALLAT calls for a moratorium on large scale land acquisitions in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone

Cambodia: Sugar for the EU is destroying our land. Sign the petition to tell EU to stop supporting land grabbing in Cambodia.

Urgent appeal: Arbitrary detention and continued judicial harassment against members of the Malen Land Owners and Users Association

Call for mobilisation: West African caravan for land, water and seeds

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