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28 Aug 2014Info Afrique
Mbonjo: la malédiction de l’huile de palme au Cameroun
Les populations riveraines des plantations de la Société des Palmeraies du Cameroun mènent une bataille tous azimuts pour faire respecter leurs droits violés impunément.
14 Jul 2014PPP
Projet d'agrocarburants en Sierra Léone : Les propriétaires fonciers exigent une renégociation des contrats de location des terres
Depuis mi-mai l’entreprise suisse Addax Bioenergy produit des agrocarburants en Sierra Leone, mais il règne une insatisfaction liée aux contrats de location des terres.
24 Jun 2014Green Scenery
The Freetown Declaration
180 citizens of Sierra Leone propose measures to combat land grabbing at the National Conference on Land and the Constitution in Freetown.
24 Jun 2014SiLNoRF
SiLNoRF and Bread For All release 2014 Annual Monitoring Report on the Addax Bioenergy Project in Sierra Leone
The Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food and Bread For All release this year’s Monitoring Report on the sugarcane-to-ethanol project of the Swiss firm Addax Bioenergy.
18 Jun 2014Oakland Institue
We harvest–you profit: Investors and locals get a raw deal from African Land Ltd.
UK-based company uses the idea of helping African communities, together with deception around yields and profits, to lure investors–including retired individuals–into handing over their life savings.
02 Jun 2014Awoko
Land-grabbing threatens our security - Kono Mayor
Mayor of Sierra Leone's Kono City, Sahr Emerson Laminah, says the increasing rate of land-grabbing is a menace and nightmare in the district that has the potential for creating confusion in the country.
10 Apr 2014Oakland Institute
Willful blindness at the World Bank
As the spring meetings of the World Bank get under way, 180 organizations demand that the World Bank end its Doing Business rankings and its support of the rampant theft of land and resources from some of the world’s poorest people.
10 Apr 2014Oakland Institute
L'aveuglement volontaire de la Banque Mondiale
Alors que les réunions de printemps de la Banque Mondiale vont s’ouvrir, 180 groupes demandent que la Banque mette fin à ses classements Doing Business et à ses activités soutenant l’accaparement des terres et des ressources naturelles.
17 Mar 2014Development Diary
Land grabbing for agriculture is causing conflict in southern, Sierra Leone
Farmers say Socfin Agricultural Company's plantation causes instability, fear, mistrust, poverty, and violence.
09 Mar 2014WRM
Report by Green Scenery on land confrontation with SOCFIN
One month after the confrontation between land owners in southern Sierra Leone and the SOCFIN Agricultural Company, Green Scenery published a 13-page report on the clamp down on community members who have been advocating for their rights to their land.
21 Feb 2014Daily Mirror
African Land Limited claiming victory but High Court judgement says otherwise
African Land Limited sold itself on the back of a promise that its rice farms in Sierra Leone could turn “a tidy profit of 15% a year”.
12 Feb 2014Commission de l'UEMOA / Hub Rural
Les actualités foncières ouest-africaines. Bulletin n°98
Le dernier bulletin d'information de la Commission de l'UEMOA et du Hub Rural sur les actualités foncières ouest-africaines vient de paraître.

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