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23 Mar 2011NPA
South Sudan threatened by land grab
Four months before South Sudan becomes an independant nation nine percent of the country has been targeted by investors, a Norwegian People's Aid report reveals.
23 Mar 2011Bloomberg
Saudi billionaire's company will invest $2.5 billion in Ethiopia rice farm
The company leased 10,000 hectares in Ethiopia’s western Gambella region for 60 years for $9.42 per hectare annually and plans to lease an additional 290,000 hectares from the government.
15 Mar 2011Urgente24
Pese a Cristina, Capitanich entregaría tierras públicas a sauditas
El Foro Multisectorial por la Tierra del Chaco denunció negociaciones entre el gobernador del Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, y el Grupo Al-Khorayef de Arabia Saudita, para la entrega de tierras públicas
09 Mar 2011SPA
King Abdullah initiative on agricultural investment abroad discussed at forum in Khartoum
Sudan is top of the list of countries selected for Saudi investments, says Undersecretary of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Agriculture
05 Mar 2011Emirates 24/7
Gulf investors eye Philippines agro sector
Investors from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain are currently planning to inrease investment in the agriculture sector of the Philippines as part of their government’s food security programmes.
22 Feb 2011Philippine Star
Maguindanao massacre area eyed for banana farm
A local subsidiary of Saudi Arabian firm Abbar and Zainy has proposed turning a wide swathe of land in Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao – including the site of the Maguindanao massacre – into a banana plantation.
21 Feb 2011Nazret
International agri-capital farm renting intensifies Gambela’s woes
Modern machineries of all sorts, owned and run by agri-companies, are turning the soils inside out, destroying forests and beginning to pollute the environment to get more production.
17 Feb 2011Afrik News
Silence over Ethiopian land grab broken
Land grabbing poses no harm on the environment or on the local community, says Saudi billionaire Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi who is seeking to expand his farmland in Ethiopia from 10,000 hectares to 250,000 hectares.
10 Feb 2011Stock & Land
Arab farm investment push
Former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, is leading a push to get Arabs to invest in Australian farmland as part of a long term food security strategy for oil-rich Gulf States
03 Feb 2011Reuters
Gulf Arab governments tackle higher food prices
Countries in north Africa and the Middle East are urgently seeking ways to soften the blow of surging food prices for their citizens, alarmed by protests against authoritarian rulers from Algeria to Yemen.
28 Jan 2011Arab News
Malaysia’s ECER eyes GCC market
The ECER has abundant land, which could fulfill the needs of Middle East countries that are looking for their food security program, says Malaysian official.
28 Jan 2011Zambian Watchdog
Zambia gives 5,000 hectares land to Saudi businessmen
The Zambian Development Agency signed off the virgin land to a firm called Menafea Holding which will grow pineapples and produce juice

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26 Apr 2014 - Berkeley, CA
Our land: a symposium on farmland access in the 21st century
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28 Apr 2014 - New York
Global AgInvesting 2014
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