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23 Sep 2011AlterNet
Thanks to speculative investors, the food market will be the next bubble to burst
Unfortunately, given the global nature of capital, even if the US were to completely shut down speculation, it would just move offshore.
18 Sep 2011Global Policy Forum
From public good to private profit: The shifting discourse on land grabbing
Land investments displace rural populations, often without any notice, and diminish their access to land, jobs, and food.
13 Sep 2011ALLVOICES
Group says US desire to own land in PH behind fresh bid on charter change
"The desire of foreign monopoly capitalists in the US to acquire lands in PH is an open book. It is not a best kept secret. The monopolists in the US also want 100 percent ownership of other profitable sectors in the Philippines including but not limited to mining, eco-tourism, energy, public utilities, mass media, oil and gas, health and education."
12 Sep 2011Yale Environment 360
A huge oil palm plantation puts African rainforest at risk
As global agricultural companies turn to Africa, a U.S. firm, Herakles Farms, is planning a massive oil palm plantation (60 000 ha) in Cameroon
07 Sep 2011Boston Business Journal
AEW Capital launches unit to acquire farmland
AEW Capital Management of Boston is launching a new investment division to acquire farmland in the United States and Canada.
06 Sep 2011Udadisi
AgriSol & Serengeti Advisers: Land Grabbers ?
The debate on large scale land acquisition in Tanzania is far from over as there is a changing dynamic now as local investors team up in joint venture with foreign investors and we are made to believe that since we have one of our own in the investment venture our interests are taken care of.
31 Aug 2011Farmland Forecast
Pensions show interest in farmland investments
The $23.6 billion Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System and the $600 million Tucson Supplemental Retirement System are currently exploring potential investments in farmland as a means of diversification.
26 Aug 2011Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Food aid vs food security: An opportunity in the Gulf
"Supporting partnerships between Gulf countries and American farmers to advance their own food security agendas would not only constitute a major boon for our farmers, but would also put the USG in a better position to partner with these countries in pursuing our own food security strategy with poor nations in the Arab world and beyond," writes the US embassy in Qatar
22 Aug 2011PR Newswire
Farm Lands of Guinea, Inc. finalise un placement privé d’un million de dollars US avec un investisseur stratégique
Farm Lands of Guinea, Inc. qui contrôle plus de 100 000 hectares de terres agricoles ouest-africaines sous-utilisées, a finalisé un placement stratégique d’un million de dollars US de AIM Investments PLC grâce à un placement privé
20 Aug 2011Reuters
Investors seeing gold in US farmland, infrastructure
The traditional asset play on agriculture by Wall Street -- farmland -- has pushed to dizzying heights.
16 Aug 2011MENAFN
10-Q: Farm Lands of Guinea, Inc.
Fact sheet on FLGI, filed with US government. Points out that Guinea's Ministry of Agriculture has granted the firm exclusive marketing rights, with a commission of 15% payable on closed sales, to the 1.5 million ha of farmland FLGI agreed to survey.
13 Aug 2011VoA
Cameroonian filmmaker unpeels banana inequalities
Disputed land rights, food insecurity and pollution caused by large-scale export-based agriculture are main themes of the Cameroonian-made movie "The Big Banana".

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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