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13 Jul 2013Financial Post
Mega quarry land north of Toronto bought by burgeoning farm fund Bonnefield
Bonnefield Financial, a farmland investment company based in Ottawa, announced this week that it has acquired about 6,500 acres of lush Dufferin County potato fields in what it called one of the largest farmland transactions in Canadian history.
19 Jan 2012Financial Post
ETF may stand for exchange-traded farmland
Canada could soon get its first exchange-traded farmland management stock.
18 Jan 2012Bonnefield
Bonnefield Canadian Farmland Corp. announces filing of preliminary prospectus for initial public offering
The Company has been established to provide investors with a liquid investment in primarily Canadian farmland and will seek to assemble a farmland portfolio which is diversified as to geography, crop type and farmer.
22 Jun 2011Bonnefield
Canadian farmland & agri-business investment seminar to be held September 22 in Toronto
leading experts in Canadian farmland investment and agri-business investment will meet at the Canadian Farmland & Agri-Business Investment Seminar.
24 Nov 2010Globe and Mail
Why corporate Canada is very interested in buying the farm
Saskatchewan has some of the richest and least expensive farmland in the world, and there's a gigantic pool of global money that would like to buy up as much of it as they can.
24 Nov 2010Globe and Mail
Do corporate buyouts signal the end of the family farm?
“There are people that are dying to invest large sums of money to acquire farmland in Canada that aren't Canadian citizens,” says Jan Kaminski, founder of Bonnefield.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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25 Mar 2015 - Tunis
FSM 2015: Espace de convergence des luttes pour la terre et l'eau