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22 Mar 2013FarmLandS
Swedish land grab in Tanzania causes protests
Mats Widgren provides an update on a Swedish company's land grab for sugar cane production in Tanzania.
13 Mar 2013The Citizen
Tanzania: Villagers cry over land grabbing
Bagamoyo villagers are up in arms over the government supporting an investor they accuse of grabbing about 6,000 hectares of their land in the district.
28 Feb 2013GRAIN
Reining in land grabbers or dumbing down the debate?
Governments in a number of countries are trying to address concerns about land grabbing by closing their borders to foreign investors. Are these restrictions effective? Not really, says GRAIN.
22 Feb 2013World Magazine
Patient for profits
US-based Aslan Global Management, a leader in the "patient capital" movement, manages more than 12,000 hectares of farmland in Ukraine and Mozambique on long-term lease and just entered into a 99-year lease for 45,000 hectares in Tanzania.
11 Feb 2013The Citizen
Lobby wants land grabbers stopped
“We are not against land investments, but the land should not be given out to foreigners. Citizens should reserve the right to access it,” says Mr Bernard Baha of ActionAid in Tanzania.
15 Jan 2013Tanzania Daily News
Agribusiness crucial for sustainable development
Tanzania Investment Centre in collaboration with the Prime Minister's Office and the Southern Agriculture Corridor of Tanzania Centre recently organized a conference under the theme 'Accelerating Tanzania's Agribusiness Investment' in Dar es Salaam.
10 Jan 2013JDLE
Tanzanie: l’accaparement des terres recule
Restreindre la taille des terres agricoles qui peuvent être cédées. C’est ce que vient de décider le gouvernement tanzanien, prenant le contre-pied de sa politique agricole, résolument orientée depuis quelques années vers les multinationales des biocarburants.
10 Jan 2013Cronache Internazionali
Land Grabbing: il nuovo colonialismo?
Si tratta dell’appropriazione o acquisto, da parte di governi o imprese multi-nazionali, di vasti terreni locali mediante operazioni di leasing finanziario.
07 Jan 2013CPL
Land grabbing, investment principles and plural legal orders of land use
A rights-based vision as brought forward by the FAO guidelines still bears the risk of reinforcing unequal local power structures. Instead, more long-term strategies for the protection of customary rights are required. Thus, a moratorium on ‘land grabs’ would be most appropriate.
03 Jan 2013Mpakasi
Guidelines for land allocation to investors
In 2012, PM Mizengo Pinda announced that from January 2013, Tanzania will start restricting the size of land that single large-scale foreign and local investors can “lease” for agricultural use. And Tanzania Investment Centre announced that guidelines that will make the Tanzania Land Bank functional will be ready early 2013.
03 Jan 2013IPS
Tanzanie : Contenir "la course à l’accaparement des terres"
A partir de janvier 2013, la Tanzanie débutera la restriction de la taille des terres qui peuvent être "cédées" uniquement aux grands investisseurs étrangers et locaux à des fins agricoles.
28 Dec 2012The Guardian
Tanzania takes major step towards curbing land 'grabs'
Tanzania has set a ceiling for investors wanting to buy its agricultural land, a move welcomed by land rights campaigners

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

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