20 Aug 2013 Oxfam
Africa has spoken! First ever Pan African Land Grab Hearing
Hearing gives voice to the stories of communities affected by land grabs in Africa and brings the land grab issue to policy makers and influential people and groups.
07 Aug 2013 Tanzania Daily News
Clinton's seed initiative, a shot in the arm for Tanzania
Mr Clinton said that some farmers had told him sadly that a few foreign investors came to their land claiming to have large agriculture investment capacities but their projects collapsed after a short period.
07 Aug 2013 The Citizen
Tanzania: Smallholder farmers lose in most govt programmes
"For instance, SAGCOT targets to help 100,000 farmers in all regions it operates. Nothing is said about 38 million farmers in Tanzania!" says the head of the Network of Farmers’ Groups in Tanzania (Mviwata)
11 Jul 2013 Inidigo Trust
Mixed fortunes as ActionAid tackles land-grabbing in Tanzania
Reflections on a project to map instances of rural land-grabbing in Tanzania.
20 Jun 2013 The Guardian
Tanzania's agriculture revolution: land grabs or a welcome business boom?
Yamba has been warned by her local MP not to accept any offer by an investor for her "worthless" roadside scrubland. When the new road from Iringa to Dodoma is finished, it could be worth a fortune, he says.
19 Jun 2013 Econexus
African agricultural growth corridors and the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition: Who benefits, who loses?
Governments, international finance institutions and global corporations are collaborating in major new projects in Africa to reorder land and water use and create industrial infrastructure over millions of hectares.
18 Jun 2013 Land Portal
Corridors pour la croissance agricole en Afrique et la Nouvelle Alliance pour la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition: Qui en bénéficie, qui perd?
Ce rapport d'Econexus examine comment les gouvernements, les institutions financières internationales et les sociétés mondiales collaborent dans de nouveaux projets en Afrique pour réorganiser terres et des eaux et de créer une infrastructure industrielle sur des millions d’hectares
19 May 2013 La Jornada
El desembarco
África se está convirtiendo en un goloso pastel para las grandes empresas planetarias en su incesante y despiadada búsqueda del lucro, ahora que otros continentes están agotados.
02 May 2013 Gulf News
UAE moots the idea of agricultural free zones in Africa
Hesham Al Shirawi, Chairman of Economic Zones World, mooted the idea of establishing free zones for agri-business in Africa during the Africa Global Business Forum 2013. The establishment of corn farms is also a lucrative business proposition, he added.
25 Apr 2013 IPS
Come grab our land
Government structures across West and Central Africa are now “in a bind and divided, with some ministries choosing to hand over natural resources to agribusinesses and mining, and others seeking to protect the rights of their citizens,” according to Andy White, coordinator of RRI
09 Apr 2013 The Citizen
More needs to be done to curb land grabbing
Tanzania's The Citizen says land grabbing is a potentially explosive issue that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency before it leads to widespread violence and bloodletting.
28 Mar 2013 Agrimoney
Dreyfus unveils targets for $900m spending splurge
In its 2012 Annual Report, Louis Dreyfus Commodities says it owns and operates a total of more than 180,000 hectares of farming land distributed around the world, and that it is looking into more farming opportunities in the Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Tanzania.


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