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03 Mar 2014RFI
Expert says multinational land lease in Senegal pushes herders off land
A new report on a government-sanctioned land grab in Senegal shows a new deal that threatens thousands of Peul pastoralists in the rural Ndiel area.
18 Feb 2014Oakland Institute
Wall Street banks eye American farmland, threaten future of US agriculture
The wolves of Wall Street are eyeing millions of acres of US farmland that will soon come up for sale, according to a new study from the Oakland Institute
06 Dec 2013Oakland Institute
On our land
Film chronicles the experiences of communities in PNG--giving a voice to those who are losing their land and natural resources to illegal logging operations and palm oil companies.
01 Dec 2013Free City Radio
Interview — Violent corporate land grabbing in Papua New Guinea
Violent corporate land grabbing is driven by logging corporations operating with little oversight in some of the world’s largest rainforests, all with the direct complicity of many politicians.
19 Nov 2013Oakland Institute
Papua New Guinea losing independence
Papua New Guinea is the latest known victim in a modern era of land grabs orchestrated by foreign corporations according to an investigative report and a film.
21 Oct 2013Redeye Collective
Ethiopian subsistence farmers subject to forced relocation
Anuradha Mittal of the Oakland Institute speaks abouthow farmers in Ethiopia are being pushed off their land to make way for multinational agribusiness.
23 Sep 2013Oakland Institute
World Bank’s land strategy: One step forward, two steps back
World bank rekindles assumptions that land registration would give farmers access to low-cost credit, improve yields, and that Africa has abundant “surplus land” which should be delineated and identified in order to be acquired by land developers.
18 Sep 2013Oakland Institute
Will Cameroon bear the brunt of Herakles’ implosion?
The embattled Herakles Farms palm oil plantation project in Cameroon appears to have now gone off the rails
17 Jul 2013Oakland Institute
Fingerprints of international aid on forced relocation, repression, and human rights abuse in Ethiopia
Two new reports from the Oakland Institute show how Western development assistance is supporting forced evictions and massive violations of human rights in Ethiopia.
22 May 2013Oakland Institute
Herakles Exposed: The truth behind Herakles Farms false promises in Cameroon
Company documents provided to the Oakland Institute contain evidence that Herakles Farms is misleading investors, local communities, the Cameroonian government, and the general public.
13 Feb 2013Oakland Institute
Vanderbilt University divests from "land grab" in Africa
This historic divestment marks the first full divestment made by Vanderbilt in response to student pressure
04 Feb 2013Reuters
Une filiale de Bolloré épinglée pour sa gestion des terres en Afrique
Le Oakland Institute, un think-tank américain respecté pour la qualité de ses travaux, épingle les pratiques de la Socfin, une filiale du groupe Bolloré en Sierra Leone.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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08 Mar 2015 - New York
Executive Training Program on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture