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South Africa Rss    
02 Jun 2010Bloomberg
African nations turn to South Africa for agricultural expertise
African nations are increasingly turning to South Africa to improve their own agricultural production and skills, according to industry group Agri SA.
25 May 2010Business Report
African land interest is opportunity and threat
South Africa, which became a net importer of food two years ago after two decades of net exporting, is developing African agricultural ambitions of its own.
18 May 2010IPS
Namibia: Will farm project mean the river runs dry?
"Local businessmen make deals with foreign investors and convince tribal authorities in the area to give them land, but the water from the river is not just for people to take," says Water Affairs Under Secretary A. Nehemia who had not been informed about the farm.
09 May 2010Farmers Weekly
SA, Zim not safe for investments
At a recent conference in Cairo, South Africa and Zimbabwe were the only African nations not considered safe havens for foreign farmland investment because of uncertainty about land-reform programmes and unfriendly labour environments.
24 Mar 2010Reuters
SA land policy to limit ownership
Under the new policy, foreign land ownership would be tied to “productivity and partnership models with South African citizens,” minister Gugile Nkwinti told parliament.
24 Mar 2010Reuters
S.Africa firms launch $408 mln farmland fund
Two South African asset management firms launched a 3 billion rand farmland investment fund on Wednesday that is expected to help boost agricultural development in Africa's biggest economy.
12 Mar 2010Mail & Guardian
South Africa-Congo ‘land grab’: Exploitation or salvation?
The Congo ventures are not core businesses to be based in the Congo but instead, extensions of businesses located in South Africa
08 Mar 2010Financial News
UK buyout firm launches agriculture fund
SilverStreet Capital aims to raise $100m to buy farms in South Africa growing produce including corn, wheat, soya beans, fruit and tea. It will also target aquaculture.
02 Mar 2010The Times (Johannesburg)
Massive farm failure in South Africa
Minister says new policy proposal will put the restriction of foreign land ownership in South Africa back on the table, as foreigners are buying lands "three times faster" than government is acquiring for redistribution and restitution
25 Feb 2010Reuters
SAfrica, Libya farm deal awaits agreement
A new land deal allowing South African farmers to produce livestock, milk and fruit in Libya has been put on hold pending the finalisation of an investment protection agreement between the two countries.
04 Feb 2010Sake24.com
African agriculture entices funds
At least three or four private equity funds are currently raising capital with a mandate to invest in agricultural enterprises in Africa.
19 Jan 2010AGTER
Appropriation et concentration de droits fonciers à grande échelle-Le cas de l'Afrique du Sud
Accaparement des terres - le cas de l'Afrique du Sud - par AGTER

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

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