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04 Jun 2014Oakland Institute
Down on the farm
One industry leader estimates that $10 billion in institutional capital is looking for access to US farmland, but that number could easily rise as investors seek to ride out uncertain financial times by placing their money in the perceived safety of agriculture.
03 Jun 2014Guardian
Can Pepsi and Coke end land grabs for sugar?
Since Oxfam reported sugar land conflicts last year, two big buyers – Coca-Cola and PepsiCo – have stepped in with new supplier policies. But they have a long way to go
02 Jun 2014Awoko
Land-grabbing threatens our security - Kono Mayor
Mayor of Sierra Leone's Kono City, Sahr Emerson Laminah, says the increasing rate of land-grabbing is a menace and nightmare in the district that has the potential for creating confusion in the country.
02 Jun 2014UNAC
No to ProSavana! Launch of national campaign
"This initiative represents the strengthening of our struggle against the aggression we are facing, against the privatization of land and in defence of our natural resources"
02 Jun 2014Financial Review
Macquarie's cropping arm in black
Lawson Grains controls more than 42,000 hectares of prime cropping country in Australia.
02 Jun 2014SciDev.net
Africa: focus on gender - the dangers of digitising land data
Creating and digitising land registries could exacerbate unfair land grabs or further marginalise people who lack formal rights to land they live on or farm.
Take action against the continued judicial harassment of human rights defender Nasako Besingi by writing to the authorities of Cameroon.

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