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06 May 2014FOEi
Resistance to Liberia landgrabs a warning to Africa investment conference
The recent overturning of UK company Equatorial Palm Oil’s access to customary land in Liberia is a warning to all governments and investors that they must respect communities’ rights and ownership of land.
06 May 2014The Guardian
Brazil's 'chainsaw queen' takes on environmentalists
The head of Brazil's powerful agricultural lobby, Kátia Abreu, is rapidly becoming the country's most important – and dangerous – politician.
06 May 2014The Guardian
Co-op's £140m farms sale aimed at Chinese buyers
UK's Co-operative Group wants a single major corporate buyer for its portfolio of 15 British farms covering 17,000 hectares, and will not consider community buyouts.
05 May 2014Bloomberg
Nigeria’s Cross River State plans to sell 5 cocoa farms
The farms cover 12,129 hectares and produced about 50,000 metric tons annually.
05 May 2014Der Spiegel
The dirty business of palm oil
Much of the palm oil we consume comes from Indonesia, where brutal methods are deployed against locals. One of the main suppliers says it is cleaning up its act, but has it really changed?
01 May 2014WRM
The expansion of industrial oil palm plantations in Africa: A call for greater solidarity and action
Over the last 10 years or so, African governments have granted land concessions totalling millions of hectares to big palm oil companies and investors from Europe, the United States, and also Indonesia, India, Singapore and Malaysia.
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