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06 Feb 2014ABC
Pacific land grab among worlds worst says expert
International expert on land-grabbing Fred Pearce says the Pacific has some of the world's worst examples of the practice.
06 Feb 2014Pambazuka
Why agricultural investment ‘principles’ must be buried
The FAO draft principles have little local basis and less community future, and are very likely to be employed to obscure the power imbalances that exist.
05 Feb 2014LaCrosse Tribune
The smokescreen of foreign ownership of farmland
Let us focus on the real issue that our legislators should be grasping: how do we keep farmers operating and attract farmers to own the land they work, and not become peasants on land rented from institutional investors, domestic or foreign.
05 Feb 2014Global Mail
Stealing the great rainforests of PNG
Only the Amazon and Congo basins rival Papua New Guinea for pristine tropical wilderness. But 5 million hectares of its jungle is under threat from foreign land grabs and back-door logging.
05 Feb 2014APA
Qatar intends to invest in Azerbaijan’s agriculture
Azerbaijani Minister of Agriculture Heydar Asadov meets with representatives of Qatar Holding to study opportunities for investment in Azerbaijan’s agriculture.
05 Feb 2014APO
Equatorial Guinea commits to a co-investment fund of $1b to fuel economic diversification
At the opening of the “Emerging Equatorial Guinea” Symposium, the government announces a Co-Investment Fund to support foreign investments, including in agriculture for which it has set aside 100,000 ha.
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