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17 Jun 2014CorpWatch
Papua New Guinea landowners win lands back from Malaysian palm oil plantation
PNG court revokes two 99 year land titles awarded to Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK) of Malaysia following complaints of land grabbing by customary landowners in Collingwood Bay, Oro province.
17 Jun 2014The Australian
Qatari Government buys up 14,000 hectares of prime South Australian farmland
Over the past few years Hassad Australia has amassed a property portfolio of 14 major wheat and sheep farms or clusters of properties across four states, covering 287,000ha.
16 Jun 2014Não ao ProSavana
Não ao ProSavana - A luta continua
New video from the "No to ProSAVANA" campaign, with English subtitles.
15 Jun 2014Telegraph
African farming is the new frontier for brave investors
For private equity houses, pension funds and family offices, the sprawling farms of sub Saharan Africa are the new land of plenty.
12 Jun 2014Al Jazeera
Commerical land grabs threaten global food ecosystem
To end extreme poverty, support smallholder farmers -- not multinational agribusinesses
12 Jun 2014Blue & Green
UK pension fund investments linked with land grabbing and risk
UK pensions funds and asset management companies potentially have up to £37 billion invested in ‘land grabs’ worldwide, according to a report published by Friends of the Earth.
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