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17 Feb 2014The Land
China investors eye Undabri
Chinese buyers are in negotiations to buy another well-known south-west Queensland cropping property of 11,935 ha for more than $36 million.
16 Feb 2014Tanzania Daily News
Investors assured of state support
Tanzania's Minister for Agriculture says land to be used for investments would be acquired through proper channels. "Send this message to all that Tanzania's government has no plans to grab land."
14 Feb 2014TJN et al
Karuturi going down? A summary of recent developments
Background document accompanying the 14 February 2014 media release issued by Tax Justice Network, GRAIN, Anywaa Survival Organisation, Forum Syd Kenya and the South Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers Movements.
14 Feb 2014TJN et al
Karuturi, the iconic landgrabber, flops
Karturi Ltd, the Kenyan flower production unit of Karuturi Global, is in financial collapse and been put under receivership. One of the world's most infamous landgrabbers is in its deepest trouble yet.
13 Feb 2014Tanjug
Ferrero looks to make Serbia "hub of hazelnut production"
Italian confectionery group Ferrero signed with the Serbian Minister of Agriculture an agreement on the purchase of 1,000 hectares intended for the production of hazelnuts.
13 Feb 2014The Land
Olam's $211m almond deal
Olam international has concluded a $211 million sale for its vast Victorian almond orchards on the Murray River at Mildura and Robinvale as part of a minimum 18-year lease-back deal.
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26 Apr 2014 - Berkeley, CA
Our land: a symposium on farmland access in the 21st century
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28 Apr 2014 - New York
Global AgInvesting 2014
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