Marie-noël Etonde Mbella lors d’un rencontre sur la criminalisation des défenseurs des droits fonciers, à Yaoundé, le 9 décembre 2019. (VOA/Emmanuel Jules Ntap)

Quelques défenseurs de l’environnement déroulent un message contre la criminalisation de leur activisme à Yaoundé, le 9 décembre 2019. (VOA/Emmanuel Jules Ntap)

« Si le maire persiste, il y’aura un Mbane bis au Sénégal », ont averti les populations venues des villages de Ngane Ndiogou, Sagn Peul, Gamboul, et d’autres bourgades de la zone.

Formosa do Rio Preto, Brazil: Recent land clearance, 15 July 2019 (Photo: Greenpeace)

Residents of Mindonga settlement stand on the banks of the stream of effluents released by the PHC palm oil mill. Their adobe houses can be seen within close proximity in the background. February 2, 2019, Yaligimba.(Photo: Luciana Téllez/Human Rights Watch)

The stream of effluents that emanates from the Yaligimba palm oil mill flows right next to Mindonga, a settlement with hundreds of workers and their families, emiting a putrid smell and fumes, particularly in this section that is closest to the source of waste. The water tank located on the grounds of the mill is visible in the background, about 550 meters away, as measured with a GPS device. February 2, 2019, Yaligimba. (Photo: Luciana Téllez/Human Rights Watch)

Plantations et Huileries du Congo workers are seen alongside dozens of gallons of pesticide formula in Yaligimba plantation, in the Congolese province of Équateur. (Photograph: Luciana Téllez Chávez/Human Rights Watch)

Des ouvrières agricoles, entassées à l’arrière d’un pick-up en route pour les champs, à 4 heures du matin. / Augustin Le Gall/Haytham-Rea

Indigenous people from the Guarani Kaiowa tribe attend a protest to defend indigenous land, outside Brazil's Supreme Federal Court in Brasilia, Brazil, June 26, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Adriano Machado)

“When BIDCO came in they didn’t teach people about the positives and negatives,” says Mariam Nakatu, who is leading a legal case against the government brought by more than 600 evicted residents of Buvuma. (Photo: Thomas Lewton for Mongabay)

A man passes the rally against the adoption of a bill on the creation of the Ukrainian land market near Verkhovna Rada on Nov. 12, 2019. Ukraine's new government would allow the sale of farmland from next year to boost investment, as critics warned this could lead to a foreign land grab. The former Soviet country, whose stalling economy has been propped up by Western aid in recent years, is home to some of the largest swathes of cultivated land in Europe. (Source: Kyiv Post)

Joe Rahall

Le 3 octobre 2019, plus de 14 000 paysas ont manifesté devant le parlement de l'Ukraine contre le projet du gouvernement qui vise à supprimer l'interdiction de la vente des terres agricoles aux étrangers (Source : Ukrainian Agri Council)

In April 2019, Western Australia's biggest grain farmer, John Nicoletti, sold his 200,000 hectare portfolio of land to the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) in a deal worth an estimated $60 million.

In this Oct. 12, 2019, photo, Tetiana Petrovych, a postmistress, speaks to The Associated Press as she delivers the mail on her bicycle, in the village of Nebelytsia, Ukraine. Most of Ukraine’s rich farmland is carved up into small plots owned by about 7 million people, like Petrovych. They are banned from selling it, although the country’s new president wants to open the land market. (AP Photo/Andrew Mosienko)

M. Alphonse Mongulu Boyoha, membre de RIAO-RDC, au cours de la dernière réunion avec le panel du mécanisme de plainte de la banque de développement allemande (DEG), à Lokutu à la fin du mois d'août dernier. 

Divest Harvard students gathered in Science Center Plaza to protest the University's holdings of Brazilian land. (Photo: Steve S. Li)

Workers at Feronia's palm oil plantation in Lokutu, DR Congo. The Dutch development bank FMO has invested heavily in Feronia. (Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / Kris Pannecoucke)

The workers’ living quarters, known locally as “camp” (Image: Visarut Sankham/China Dialogue)

Tiam holds her grandchild in front of the banana plantation that she rents out to the Chinese investor 5 years ago, in Bokeo district for 78 dollars per rai per year. (Image: Visarut Sankham/China Dialogue)

Indonesian rangers cut down illegal palm oil trees in the protected Leuser Ecosystem rainforest in Aceh province, Indonesia, in January 2019. Picture: AFP

(Photo: MIlieudefensie)

Braeken a repris, depuis juin 2019, le rôle de directeur général de Feronia

Deux activistes libériens protestent devant la banque néerlandaise ABN-AMRO à Amsterdam, le 9 octobre 2019. (VOA/Emmanuel Jules Ntap)

Sa majesté Bruno Mvondo, chef traditionnel, à Yaoundé, le 4 octobre 2019. (VOA/Emmanuel Jules Ntap)

In September, President Zelensky ordered his government to draft legislation by October overturning the ban on the sale of farmland

A traditional Bunong knife. Photo: Tabitha Payne