• La Braderie des terres à Madagascar
    • RFI
    • 07 September 2009

    L'autorité de transition qui doit organiser les prochaines élections à Madagascar semble avoir reconduit les accords avec Daewoo

  • Rural poor petition Cambodian authorities over land grab
    • ABC
    • 13 August 2009

    A group of 300 Cambodian people affected by land grabs and evictions - and representing thousands more - gathered in Phnom Penh yesterday to tell the government of their concerns, and to call with a single voice on the government and donor nations to act to protect their land.

  • Outsourcing agriculture to poor countries
    • Public Radio International
    • 24 July 2009

    "The big fear I have and which many people have is that these foreign investments shall increase the gap between the happy few large-scale producers who will benefit and the vast majority of small-scale producers who will be further marginalized," says Olivier de Schutter

  • Aumenta el interés extranjero en la compra de tierras agrícolas brasileñas
    • Radioagencia NP
    • 16 July 2009

    Los inversionistas de Arabia Saudita y de China están cada vez más interesados en adquirir tierras agrícolas en Brasil.

  • G8: Does world need new rules on food security?
    • Christian Science Monitor
    • 08 July 2009

    Lester Brown, the president of the Washington-based Earth Policy Institute, says even if the investor comes in wielding impressive, shiny new technology, it will be of little benefit to the small farm holder.

  • Czech agricultural chamber complains of foreign land grab
    • Radio Praha
    • 25 June 2009

    In the Czech Republic, agricultural land is also being snapped up. Whereas buyers used to be mainly Dutch and German farmers, now Western investment companies are also getting in on the act.

  • Sudan beckons for new investors
    • BBC
    • 28 January 2009

    Of all the places on this planet where you might think of investing, Sudan would surely not normally be at the top of anyone’s list. But that is not the view of Philippe Heilberg of Jarch Capital in New York, who told the BBC that his company was leasing 400,000 hectares in the relatively more stable south part of the country.

  • À vendre : terres agricoles étrangères à bon marché
    • Radio Canada
    • 10 January 2009

    Menacés par la crise alimentaire comme par l'épée Damoclès, la Chine, la Corée du Sud et les États du Golfe achètent des terres arables dans les pays pauvres pour subvenir à leurs propres besoins. Devlin Kuyek porte-parole de GRAIN, fait la lumière sur cette pratique méconnue, mais de plus en plus répandue.

  • Insecurity drives farm purchases abroad
    • The Christian Science Monitor
    • 22 December 2008

    Land acquisitions abroad are the only viable response, Mohammed Raouf, program manager of environment research at the Gulf Research Center, and others say.

  • Should Africa lease land to foreign firms?
    • BBC
    • 08 December 2008

    One-hour audio debate on the BBC

  • Countries Resort To Bartering
    • National Public Radio
    • 24 November 2008

    A worldwide food shortage mixed with a global credit crisis has some countries getting creative. They're bartering food for other essentials. Javier Blas of Financial Times talks to Madeleine Brand about which nations are striking deals and what they're trading.

  • Daewoo leases Madagascan land for crops
    • BBC
    • 20 November 2008

    A lot of countries don't grow nearly enough food to feed themselves. Britain is one; South Korea, another. The giant South Korean conglomerate, Daewoo, has come up with a novel way of solving the problem of food security. It has leased a vast tract of land, 1.3 million acres, on the African island of Madagascar.

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