• Countries Resort To Bartering
    • National Public Radio
    • 24 November 2008

    A worldwide food shortage mixed with a global credit crisis has some countries getting creative. They're bartering food for other essentials. Javier Blas of Financial Times talks to Madeleine Brand about which nations are striking deals and what they're trading.

  • Daewoo leases Madagascan land for crops
    • BBC
    • 20 November 2008

    A lot of countries don't grow nearly enough food to feed themselves. Britain is one; South Korea, another. The giant South Korean conglomerate, Daewoo, has come up with a novel way of solving the problem of food security. It has leased a vast tract of land, 1.3 million acres, on the African island of Madagascar.

  • Investing in Sudanese agriculture
    • BBC
    • 14 November 2008

    Interview with Sudanese government and FAO officials on leasing farmland to foreign investors

  • Food Fight: Wealthy nations buying up land for food
    • Marketplace / American Public Media
    • 09 May 2008

    This week, Saudi Arabia announced plans to invest in overseas fisheries, livestock and food production, and is reportedly trying to partner with Thai rice farms to lock in future supplies. Libya is in talks with Ukraine about growing wheat there, and as China tries to feed its expanding middle class, it’s looking to buy up farmland in Africa and South America.

  • Easier farmland purchases for foreigners could threaten Czech farmers
    • Radio Praha
    • 22 February 2007

    The Czech government has recently backed proposed legislation that should make it easier for foreigners from EU countries to buy Czech farmland.

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