Land, investment and development

Global Donor Platform for Rural Development | 4 February 2010

Land Day event, 24 January 2010, Rome:

Land, Investment and Development

Jointly hosted by the Platform and FAO/SDC/IFAD

Land tenure and access to land are key to a number of rural development issues, not to mention basic economic and social human rights, such as the right to food.

Land Day will zero in on land and associated agro-industry related global challenges with a long-term rural development perspective.

It will provided an important opportunity to share knowledge on the diversity of initiatives related to land policies, land governance and investment and rural development, and provide ground to move toward identifying a tool kit for improved coordination among stakeholders.

Meeting objectives

  • To share knowledge on the diversity of ongoing initiatives related to land policies and land tenure;
  • To put some of the recent and new land-related global challenges and new topics in context and in a broader perspective, considering linkages in a perspective of long-term rural development;
  • To prepare a possible improved collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders and establish a further process of knowledge exchange with a broader group of stakeholders.
The outputs of Land Day will be subsequently taken up at a session on Land and Development at the Platform Annual General Assembly, 26-27 January 2010.

Event handouts


List of participants

Additional resources

Report Addendum by Olivier de Schutter


Land Access for Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Harold Liversage, IFAD

A survey of the range of business models that provide opportunities for smallholders

Lorenzo Cotula and Sonja Vermeulen, IIED

The role of the private sector lessons learned from the plantation sector and extractive industries

Reinier de Man, SBD

Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and other Natural Resources Initiative

Paul Munro-Faure, FAO

SCALAR Management Initiative Design and Assessment of a Land-extensive Agro-enterprise Scheme

Steve Rochlin and Steve Homer, AccountAbility

Sustainable large scale agriculture – Lessons learned from the forestry sector

Bernd Schanzenbächer, EBG

Large scale land acquisition – What is happening and what can we do?

Klaus Deininger, World Bank

Principles on Responsible Agroenterprise Investment Klaus Deininger, World Bank
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