Planting the seeds of change - managing social issues in land investing

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PRI | 9 March 2018

Planting the seeds of change - managing social issues in land investing
The PRI’s webinar Planting the seeds of change: managing social issues in land investing explores why investors should consider land issues and learn about the Reference Guide for Risk Assessment in relation to land.
The guide provides a useful tool that can help investors identify and monitor ESG risks, and gives an overview of available information on general land-related topics for specific sectors and regions, including land use legislation for a number of countries. Investments in real estate, large scale infrastructure, farmland and timber assets are becoming increasingly popular among institutional investors. Investments involving land acquisition carry a unique set of social and environmental risks and require specialist expertise for successful due diligence.
In this webinar we explore some of the key characteristics of land investments and strategies for identifying and managing ESG risks with a focus on social issues including land rights, labour regulations, indigenous rights and rules on the purchase of agricultural land. Speakers also focus particular attention – but not exclusively – on emerging market investments.
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  • 08 Mar 2018
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