• Russia could provide farmland to North Koreans in Far East, governor says
    • NK News
    • 13 November 2023

    Russia could provide North Korean farmers with agricultural land in the Far East, a scheme that one expert said could be a DPRK attempt to improve its food situation and earn cash for the regime.

  • POSCO International looking to grow into top 10 global food giants
    • Business Korea
    • 05 May 2023

    The Korean corporation aims to secure 850,000 ha of arable land and produce grain through joint ventures in major farming countries such as Australia, North America and South America.

  • New investment projects in the agricultural sector discussed
    • UzDaily
    • 17 April 2023

    The Korean corporation POSCO International is in talks with the government of Uzbekistan for a US$196 million textile investment, that includes lands for the cultivation of cotton.

  • Palm oil and timber giant Korindo backs down in long-running case to silence civil society organizations
    • Mighty Earth
    • 22 Mar 2023

    PT Kenertec Power Systems, a company belonging to the Korindo group has agreed to end a long-running lawsuit intended to silence a civil society campaign to protect rainforest, in Indonesia’s Papua province, threatened by Korindo’s extensive palm oil operations after a judge in Germany set to dismiss the case.

  • La Corée du sud tente de revenir à Madagascar
    • Madagascar Matin
    • 02 August 2021

    Le projet de transformer Madagascar en futur grenier de l’océan Indien risque de ressusciter le scandale relatif à la location de terre érable pour des investisseurs sud coréens, selon la presse malgache

  • Korindo: Korean palm oil giant stripped of sustainability status
    • BBC
    • 15 July 2021

    Korean palm oil giant, Korindo has been rejected from the world's green certification body in the wake of a BBC investigation. Korindo controls more land in Papua than any other conglomerate. The company has cleared nearly 60,000 hectares of forests inside its concessions - an area the size of Chicago or Seoul.

  • The Indigenous Kinggo’s struggle to defend Papua's customary forest
    • WRM
    • 09 Mar 2021

    Indonesia is the world’s largest exporter of palm oil and Papua is the new frontier. Kinggo indigenous group that owns the customary forest in Boven Digul Regency, Papua is fighting to protect their land against subsidiary of Korean palm oil giant, the Korindo Group.

  • Palm oil firm Korindo aims to silence NGOs with baseless “SLAPP” lawsuit
    • Mighty Earth
    • 19 January 2021

    Germany’s Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald) and Washington, D.C.-based Center for International Policy (CIP) blasted a baseless defamation lawsuit brought to the Hamburg Regional Court by a supplier to the Korindo conglomerate, a notorious Korean-Indonesian palm oil, logging and wind tower manufacturing giant.

  • The burning scar: Inside the destruction of Asia’s last rainforests
    • BBC
    • 12 November 2020

    Indonesia is the world's largest exporter of palm oil, and Papua is its newest frontier. A visual investigation suggests fires have been deliberately set on the land by Korean palm oil giant that has been buying up swathes of Asia's largest remaining rainforests for their plantations.

  • South Korean conglomerate to exit Warragundi
    • AFR
    • 16 September 2020

    Giant South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Group is looking to make an exit from the Warragundi aggregation in Australia, just over a year after taking control of the largest acreages in NSW’s Mudgee region.

  • Komnas HAM Papua: Tindakan aparat keamanan perusahaan sawit berlebihan
    • VoA Indonesia
    • 27 July 2020

    Komisi Nasional HAM Perwakilan Papua menyimpulkan ada tindakan kekerasan berlebihan dalam kasus kematian Marius Betera, seorang petani di kawasan perkebunan sawit milik Korindo Group di Kabupaten Boven Digul, Provinsi Papua. Marius meninggal pada 16 Mei lalu, setelah bertikai dengan seorang anggota polisi, yang bertugas di kawasan perusahaan itu.

  • ‘In the plantations there is hunger and loneliness’: The cultural dimensions of food insecurity in Papua
    • The Gecko Project
    • 14 July 2020

    A decade ago, the Indonesian government began to heavily promote large-scale plantation in southern Papua. An investigation recently published explored how some outside investors gained rights to the land and the fallout for the indigenous population. Children were suffering from malnutrition while agricultural commodities are exported from their ancestral land.

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