• Papua New Guinea realising rice dream
    • Loop
    • 17 Mar 2024

    Rigo Rice has agreed to partner with the National Government and Wilmar International Limited in a joint venture to establish a large-scale commercial and irrigated rice farm on 5,000 ha

  • The investor building PNG’s agriculture industry
    • FDI Intelligence
    • 03 July 2023

    Israeli-owned Innovative Agro Industry has mobilised $200m-worth of foreign investment to build a network of 16 dairy, poultry, hydroponic and other farms scattered across the country.

  • 100,000 hectares for Central rice projects
    • The National
    • 31 January 2023

    PNG's Trade Minister says over 100,000 ha of lands can be made available for a rice farming project with investors from the Philippines in the areas of Brown River, Vanapa, Gabadi and Bereina.

  • PNG to start major rice project in Central Province
    • PNG Today
    • 29 January 2023

    A team of investors headed by the former Philippines Department of Agriculture Secretary has chosen Gabadi in the Kairuku District of Central Province as the ideal location for a large-scale rice farm.

  • Investor keen on rice farming
    • Post Courrier
    • 03 October 2022

    A potential large-scale rice farming company in the Philippines will be sending a delegation to Papua New Guinea in November this year to evaluate the country’s potential for large-scale rice farming in Central Province.

  • Unrecognised wealth of customary land
    • Act Now PNG
    • 10 June 2022

    When will be the time when policies and ideas are centered on helping the population in rural areas to utilize their land for themselves and not hand it over to foreigners to exploit for their own profit?

  • Podcast: Who owns the companies destroying rainforests in the heart of New Guinea?
    • Mongabay
    • 13 April 2022

    New Guinea, contains the world’s largest planned oil palm plantation. Covering 2,800 square kilometers the Tanah Merah project is nearly the size of the U.S. state of Rhode Island. However, the true owners of the seven concessions that make up the project remain hidden through a shroud of corporate secrecy.

  • The true price of palm oil
    • Global Witness
    • 08 October 2021

    Global Witness goes undercover to investigate the growing threat facing Papua New Guinea’s communities and tropical forests from palm oil companies driving widespread deforestation and human rights abuses.

  • This Is Our Land: Why reject the privatisation of customary land
    • ActNow PNG
    • 20 July 2021

    New factsheet from ActNowPNG breaks down 6 myths used to justify the privatisation of customary land, showing how it's not about development but about profits for corporations

  • Privatisation 'wave' hurts poor as pandemic heightens risks
    • Reuters
    • 14 July 2020

    A push to privatise land and other resources in countries from Ukraine to Papua New Guinea is hurting indigenous people and the rural poor, while increasing the risks linked to climate change.

  • In a Post-COVID world govt must drop plans for bankable customary land
    • ACTNow PNG
    • 02 July 2020

    With the COVID-19 pandemic still expanding across the globe, ACT NOW is urging the PNG government to drop its plans to put customary land into the hands of commercial banks. The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated once again that customary land is a vital and irreplaceable resource for families and communities.

  • Olam secures a US$176 million term loan from IFC and JICA
    • Olam
    • 30 April 2020

    The funds will be used for the procurement of specific agri-commodities from smallholder farmers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Uganda as well as the expansion of Olam’s cocoa processing facility in Indonesia.

  • Send a letter calling on the financial backers of Agilis Partners to stop the land grabs and human rights violations against the Kiryandongo community in Uganda
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