• The Bunong people's land struggle with Socfin
    • GRAIN
    • 30 April 2024

    Local communities in Mondulkiri province have been struggling to get their land back since 2008, when the Luxembourg-based Socfin group secured 12,000 hectares of their lands.

  • Vietnamese firm mulls multimillion-dollar agri-investment in Cambodia
    • Khmer Times
    • 25 April 2024

    The Vietnamese conglomerate’s regional expansion will include 11,600 hectares dedicated to intensive banana production across the four new farms, two of which will be in Cambodia.

  • Activist charged with inciting unrest among villagers
    • Khmer Times
    • 08 April 2024

    Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday charged Keut Saray, the president of Khmer Students Intelligent League Association (KSILA), for inciting villagers embroiled in land disputes in Preah Vihear province to resist provincial authorities and the government.

  • Dozens of Cambodians charged in land dispute: activist
    • AFP
    • 13 Mar 2024

    A Cambodian court has charged 29 people with illegally occupying state land following an incident in which authorities fired live rounds in a crackdown on a longstanding land dispute.

  • Loggers have ‘grabbed’ around 1m hectares of Indigenous land in DRC
    • Carbon Brief
    • 12 Mar 2024

    A new study identifies around 18m hectares of land in Cambodia, Colombia and the DRC that have been acquired in large-scale deals for logging, intensive agriculture, fossil-fuel extraction and mining.

  • Provincial authorities use weapons in Preah Vihear land dispute, nearly 30 residents detained
    • CamboJa News
    • 12 Mar 2024

    At least 30 residents have been charged by provincial court in Cambodia for allegedly illegally occupying state land. The detention stems from an incident when authorities mounted a mass crackdown during a clash over a long-disputed land. The authorities said the land belonged to a rubber company called Seladamex, having received an economic land concession (ELC) from the state.

  • Cambodge : les communautés récupèrent leurs terres
    • CCFD-TS
    • 05 Mar 2024

    Dans la province de Koh Kong, au Cambodge, des communautés locales luttent depuis 2006 contre l’accaparement de leurs terres. Après un long combat, un accord historique avec l’entreprise Tate & Lyle a permis la restitution d’une partie des terres et l’obtention d’une compensation financière

  • Indigenous kuy people block outsiders from clearing farmland in Preah Vihear
    • Camboja News
    • 17 January 2024

    The site of the dispute is part of a 42,420 hectares economic land concession that was granted to the Chinese company Hengfu Group Sugar Industry in 2011.

  • The intractable problem of land grabbing in Cambodia
    • Equal Times
    • 11 December 2023

    Local residents who were evicted from their land for a 42,000 hectare sugar cane plantation are all the more bitter now that the unprofitable and poorly financed agricultural project has collapsed.

  • Au Cambodge, l’insoluble problème de l’accaparement des terres
    • Equal Times
    • 11 December 2023

    La concession économique de 42.000 hectares a été accordée en 2011, et pour une durée de 70 ans, à cinq entreprises chinoises appartenant toutes au même conglomérat, le Hengfu Group Sugar Industry. Douze ans plus tard, les souvenirs malheureux des évictions sont plus amers que jamais pour les habitants de Preah Vihear : pas rentable et mal financé, le projet agricole a périclité.

  • Video: Bitter Harvest
    • Equitable Cambodia
    • 07 December 2023

    British sugar company Tate & Lyle enriched itself off the harvest of stolen land. More than 12,000 Cambodians have been forced off their land, leaving them to suffer through years of destitution.

  • Bolloré blacklisted over alleged rights violations on plantations in Africa and Asia
    • Mongabay
    • 29 September 2023

    French logistics giant Bolloré SE has been deemed an unethical investment by some of Switzerland’s most powerful pension funds.

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