Investment opportunities, policies and attributes of commercial farming in Africa unveiled at 2nd Commercial Farm Africa in Dubai!

PR Web | 6 December 2011
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Elevated commodity prices and growing global concerns over food security are driving investment in African Commercial Farming. Africa is attracting a wide variety of foreign investors eager to facilitate growth in the agricultural sector through commercial expansion. As Investments in Sub-Saharan Africa's agriculture reach new horizons, CMT is hosting 2nd Commercial Farm Africa to unveil specifics on opportunities, land utilization & investment policies, real farm owner's case study and more.

Convening on 31 January - 1 February 2012 in Dubai, 2nd Commercial Farm Africa features world-class panel of experts and in-depth analysis of industry outlook on land utilization & investment policies in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Sudan, Namibia, Ghana and Ethiopia.

Supported by SGS as Corporate Sponsor and CNH as exclusive afternoon networking reception host, the conference promises excellent platform for delegates to interact and forge valuable business relations in an informed setting.

With "New Structures Of Agri-Investment" as the theme, the 2-day conference program highlights include first-hand insights from:
  • Aziz Elbehri, Senior Economist for Trade and Markets Division (EST) from FAO, giving an overview of agriculture, food security and climate change
  • Esayas Kebede, Director, Agriculture Investment Support Directorate from the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development - Ethiopia, and Dr. George Ashiabi, Director of Ministry of Food & Agriculture - Ghana presenting topic on the prospect of commercial farm investment in Ethiopia & Ghana respectively. They will address policies & incentives that attract investment, land acquisition & utilization policies.
  • Senior executives from farm operators like Equatorial Palm Oil, Olam International, Saudi Star, Bio Energy Investment sharing their experiences in operating in West Africa, Sudan, East & Southern Africa and investing with commodities ranging from palm oil, rice, sugar to biofuel crops.
  • Neil Crowder, CEO of Chayton Africa (Pty) Ltd addressing role of investing countries & host countries, how to deal with political backlash & safeguard required
  • CNH International providing insightful information on modernization & mechanization of corporate farming practice in Africa with case study that showcases how technology plays a key role in commercial farm investment
  • SGS Nvirocrop (Pty) Limited South Africa, zooming on precision farming and nutrient management to assist investors and Commercial Farming to reduce input costs and increase yield in a sustainable way;
  • Alliance For Commodity Trade in Eastern and Southern Africa (ACTESA) sharing insights on creating trade corridors through regional integration.
  • Cardy-Brown revealing how to value add in the African food chain to mitigate risk in farmland investment
  • Nestle offering a food industry's perspective on the importance of consumers in the equation for Commercial Farming investment
Rounding up the above sessions, is a panel discussion on the topic "Opportunities & Challenges of Public-Private Partnership in Africa", that will feature Sudhakar Tomar, Managing Director from HAKAN Agro DMCC and Berhane Fesseha, Deputy Project Manager of Saudi Star Plc. as key panelists.

One may access the official event page for full program agenda. For registrations or more information on the summit, contact Grace Oh at (65) 63469147


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