Why the Mozambican farmers issued a statement protesting Japanese aid for an agriculture project?

IWJ | 26 February 2013

北海道の農民と共に考えるグローバル 農業投資、土地争奪と日本の援助~モザンビーク最大の農民組織は何故抗議声明を出したのか?
Augusto Mafigo, President of the Mozambican farmers' organisation UNAC, talking to members of the MST in Brazil. Japan and Brazil are seeking to expand large-scale industrial agriculture in Northern Mozambique through a project modeled on the expansion of industrial agriculture in Brazil's Cerrado. (Photo: War on Want)

Video of a seminar in Hokkaido, Japan on the ProSavana project featuring representatives of UNAC: Sr. Augusto Mafico (UNAC President) and Sr. Vicente Adriano .(English/Japanese/Portuguese)

Faculty of Agronomy of University of Hokkaido
26 February 2013

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  • 26 February 2013
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