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Land is life. But for millions of small-scale farmers and food producers, including indigenous communities, especially in the poor countries, access to land and resources is undermined by the monopoly control of landlords and big corporations. The lack of genuine land reform and neoliberal restructuring of agriculture combine to perpetuate rural poverty and hunger. It is indeed ironic that among those who suffer severe hunger are those who directly produce food.
Land and resource grabbing aggravates the oppression and exploitation of women in agriculture. Already marginalised in terms of access to land and resources, their physical and economic displacement due to land and resource grabbing further increases the stress on their rights as food producers.

Concept note 16 Days 

What is the 16 Days of Global Action on Rural Women?
It is a series of actions of women and rural women's groups from different countries from October 1 to 16. Activities range from awareness raising (discussion groups or forum) to media and social media campaigns, and lobbying. At least 25 countries are expected to join. On October 15 (Rural Women's Day) there will be simultaneous or coordinated actions of women and rural women's groups around the globe.
What can you do to join the 16 Days of Global Action on Rural Women?
  1. Plan a collective action or activity any day from October 1 to 16. You can get together with other women's group, farmers' organization, or similar advocacy groups in your country.
  2. Submit a short feature story (maximum 150 words) with photos of a rural woman leader or a successful rural campaign. Email: [email protected]
  3. Like, share and retweet our posts on on facebook and twitter. Please use the following hashtags: #RuralWomenRiseup #NoLandNoLife
  4. Contact PAN Asia Pacific at [email protected] so that your planned activities can be listed in a common calendar of activities for all participating groups.
  5. Avail of information materials available at the PANAP web campaign page for Women assert our rights to land and resources. Share it to other groups and use it for your activities.
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  • 28 September 2015
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