How agribusiness acts in Europe

Real World Radio | 23 May 2016

How agribusiness acts in Europe

Real World Radio interviewed Paula Gioia, member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft der bauerliche Landwirtschaft and the European Coordination of La Via Campesina during the International Conference on Agrarian Reform in Pará, Brazil.


“The decision to organize this Conference on Agrarian Reform, in this place and time, is because we think it is time to do a reflection on what are the processes that are going on, and what are the global and local situations that challenge us, and which are the strategies and the struggles that we are carrying out in the local level, but also in the regional, continental and international levels”, said Paula at the beginning of the interview.
Paula denounced the actions of agribusiness corporations in Northern countries:
“Globally there is a myth that land grabbing just happens in the South. We have seen and suffered land grabbing in Europe as well. We have a lot of transnational corporations and private enterprises also doing land concentration”.
In particular, in the region where she lives, to the West of Germany, she stated that: “landscape characterized by very large properties that in the past were common properties, now belongs to companies that mostly come from outside sectors; they just do monocultures of corn for biofuels”.
Please listen to the full interview with Paula Gioia in the file attached.
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