Case study: Agrivision- A staple food producer in Zambia

Norfund | January 2020

Case study: Agrivision- A staple food producer in Zambia
The government of Zambia has identified agriculture as a priority sector for achieving economic development and reducing poverty. Agrivision – a Norfund investee company – is helping to increase national food production by utilising modern farming methods and new technologies. 

Excerpt from the report:


Agrivision Africa is a vertically integrated agribusiness company operating in local and regional markets.
Established in 2009, the company’s operations began with the purchase of a farm with 210 ha under irrigation. Agrivision rapidly developed the farm and increased the area under irrigation to 1,565 ha. This caught the interest of the South African investment company Zeder, which invested in Agrivision in 2011.
2011 was also the year in which Norfund decided to invest in the agribusiness. Agrivision fitted well with our new agribusiness strategy, and our initial assessment of the company identified a number of positive development effects. MIGA, the political risk insurance arm of the World Bank Group, undertook an extensive environmental and social due diligence of Agrivision in 2010, and found it to be broadly in compliance with IFC standards. In September 2011, Norfund’s Board of Directors approved the first equity investment in Agrivision of USD 10 million.....

...For Norfund, Agrivision is a key partner in the realisation of our agribusiness strategy.
We plan to continue our support for the company financially, and through board participation and technical assistance.

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