Mitsui invests in RRG Nature Based Solutions, a regenerative agriculture project developing company in US

RRG NBS's date plantation in Morocco.
Mitsui | 17 August 2023
Mitsui invests in RRG Nature Based Solutions, a regenerative agriculture project developing company in US

Note from the editor: RRG Nature Based Solutions LLC has so far acquired 627 ha for a date plantation at the border of the Draa Tafilalet and Oriental regions, eastern Morocco and 7,200 ha for a teak plantation in Sabanas de San Angeles, Magdalena. It also has established a joint venture with Andean Cacao GmbH, a company with 5,000 ha for cacao plantations in Colombia.
Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui", Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Kenichi Hori) has invested in RRG Nature Based Solutions LLC ("RRG NBS"), a US-based company with an integrated global involvement in regenerative agricultural projects at all stages from project formation through to design and management.
In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on regenerative agriculture* as an approach that contributes to agricultural sustainability, productivity, and profitability by achieving better harmony with nature and regenerating the natural environment, through climate change countermeasures and the conservation of ecosystems and water resources. Of particular significance is the fact that major food and beverage manufacturers are starting to adopt policies calling for a shift to raw materials derived from regenerative agriculture, with the aim of reducing environmental impacts and ensuring reliable access to raw material in the future.
RRG NBS was established in January 2023 as a spinout of a unit of the Renewable Resources Group ("RRG") involved in the provision of natural capital conservation solutions. It provides one-stop solutions, from project development through to design, administration, and farming guidance, toward the achievement of sustainability in agriculture. RRG has a twenty-year track record of managing funds and developing projects in the areas of sustainable agriculture, water resource conservation, and support for small farmers, through RRG Capital Management, a subsidiary of RRG. Another joint investor in RRG NBS is S2G Ventures, a venture capital company with a strong background in the agricultural sector.
Through this investment in RRG NBS, Mitsui will contribute to the stabilization of world food production and the conservation of natural capital by combining its accumulated knowledge of agricultural materials with new solutions leading to a transition to regenerative agriculture.
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