Serbia: The state is preparing to sell the rest of the PKB corporation

N1 | 23 March 2024

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The state is preparing to sell the rest of the PKB corporation - the land is being transferred to a new company 

Author: Daniela Ilić Krasić                  
It used to be the PKB Corporation, and what remained of it after the privatization in 2018 - and there is quite a bit - changed its name in 2021 to the Agro-Industrial Corporation Padinska Skela. And now a large part of the property - as many as 621 plots of city construction, agricultural, forest land - is being transferred to a new company owned by the state that will deal with the sale of real estate.
A separate company is separated from the Agro-Industry Corporation and the company "Agro-Industry Corporation - Nekretnine doo Beograd" is established, which will be registered for the activity of "buying and selling own real estate" and will be owned by the Republic of Serbia.
This announcement in the Official Gazette could go unnoticed if it were not, in fact, about the former Agricultural Corporation Belgrade from Padinska Skela, better known as PKB Belgrade.
As a reminder, in the privatization process in 2018 , the state sold Al Dahra 16,785 hectares owned by PKB Belgrade, in the municipalities of Palilula, Surčin and Zrenjanin, as well as construction facilities for a total of 98 million euros. The entire contract was a "heavy" 104.7 million euros because it also included the sale of equipment, stocks of spare parts, as well as shares in certain related companies. The price for the herd that was also sold is not included in this amount.
The rest of the land remained with the parent company - PKB Belgrade.
From PKB to AIK       

In April 2021, PKB Belgrade changed its name to the aforementioned Agro-Industry Corporation - AIK for short (see the document here ).
At the same time, the predominant activity was also changed, from "breeding dairy cows" to "growing grain (except rice), legumes and oilseeds".
All branches have their names changed and they all get the prefix AIK instead of PKB .
The last change that was recorded in the APR of this company refers to - the reduction of capital.
Namely, a total of 621 cadastral parcels will be transferred to a new company that will be separated from the existing Agro-Industrial Corporation Padinska Skela (ie PKB) and will be registered for the purchase and sale of owned real estate.
"The total registered and paid-up capital of the company amounts to 3,162.22 dinars," reads the Decision on the establishment of a new company published in the Official Gazette.
This amount is equal to the value of two shares owned by the Republic of Serbia in the company AIK (ie PKB).
Until the appointment of the director, Dejan Tomašević, the current general manager of the sister company Agroindustrijske corporation (PKB), will perform this function in an acting capacity.
What is being transferred to the new company?
Significant assets are being transferred from the former PKB to the new company.
Everything is specified in the Draft Agreement of the Partition Plan on Status Change from December 2023.
It states that the total value of assets transferred from the former PKB to the new company is 4.9 billion dinars.
Of that amount, the value of the land is RSD 1.88 billion.
The buildings are worth 4.8 million dinars, and the funds in the account are three billion dinars.
This plan also contains a detailed list of real estate that will be transferred to the new company.
It is mostly about land.
The land of the former PKB , which is being transferred to the new company, is located in the cadastral municipalities of Padinska skela, Surčin, Boljevci, Čenta, Ovča, Krnjača, Kovilovo, Besni fok, Komareva humka...
There is construction land, urban construction land, forests, agricultural land, land categorized as "other land", then as "defensive forest along the embankment". The list also includes plots with marshes, canals, orchards, pastures... a total of 621 cadastral plots.
The list also includes objects - buildings...
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