Kazakhstan to build the world’s largest greenhouse

CEO of ECO-Culture, Alexander Rudakov, giving Russian President Vladimir Putin a tour of his company's greenhouse operations.Times of Central Asia | 3 June 2024

Kazakhstan to build the world’s largest greenhouse

Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister, Olzhas Bektenov and the president of the Agro-Industrial Holding Company “ECO-Culture,” Alexander Rudakov, have issued a joint announcement that the world’s largest greenhouse complex is to be built in the Turkestan region

According to the Prime Minister’s press service, Agro-Industrial Holding Company  has confirmed plans for the construction of a greenhouse complex in the Keles district of the Turkestan region.

Under the first phase, scheduled for completion by the end of 2025 and spanning 51 hectares, the project aims to produce over 28 thousand tons of tomatoes per year. Thereafter, the complex will expand over 500 hectares, to produce 240 thousand tons of vegetables all year round.

Produce will be marketed  both domestically and  exported abroad through established logistics and distribution centers.

As reported by Alexander Rudakov, his company will create competitive labor conditions for residents and contribute to the region’s development within the social responsibility framework. Once up and running, the complex should create no fewer than 7,000 jobs.

The Prime Minister’s press service commended  “ECO-Culture” as one of the most extensive agro-industrial holdings producing organic vegetables, with a 13-year history of stable development. Last year, its  volume of products exceeded 300 thousand tons. It was also noted that Kazakhstan’s climate of investment coupled with measures to support natural production, make a significant contribution to implementing critical economic projects.
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