Agri-Vie invests in Cape Olive Holdings
    Agri-Vie, a private equity fund focused on food and agribusiness investments in sub-Saharan Africa, announces it has acquired a 63% stake in South Africa's largest table olive supplier.
    • Business Day
    • 14 October 2013
    Study on private equity in agribusiness in Southern Africa
    The overall objective of this report is to identify potential interventions to enhance the capacity of newly created private equity funds in agriculture and/or agribusiness in Africa, especially the stimulation of technical assistance to agricultural value chains.
    • USAID
    • 03 May 2012
    Wikileaks: African leaders in Ethiopia land grab
    Several African leaders have bought lands in Ethiopia to develop agricultural projects or tourism resorts. They are let to bypass a 2007 ban on export of cereals, still in place for other investors.
    • afrol News
    • 28 January 2011
    Agri-Vie, with Herman Marais
    Agri-Vie, a private equity fund focused on food and agribusiness investments - including farmland - in subSaharan Africa, closed its first fund with participation from Kellogg Foundation, NorFund, IFC and AfDB.
    • ABN
    • 17 November 2010
    African farms lure overseas investment
    45 new private equity funds are planning to invest US$2 billion in African agriculture in the next 3-5 years, according to participants at the Africainvestor Agribusiness Project Summit taking place in Durban
    • Business Report
    • 01 September 2010
    African agricultural finance under the spotlight
    African governments need to raise their level of accountability and ensure that they improve and protect their own food security through quid pro quo side-agreements negotiated when they lease or sell their arable land to foreign interests, says Keith Mullin of Thompson Reuters
    • Reuters
    • 24 August 2010
    FACTBOX: Foreign forays into African farming
    A move by Madagascar's army-backed leader to nix a huge South Korean farming deal has exposed the risks of such ventures in Africa.
    • Reuters
    • 20 Mar 2010
    African agriculture entices funds
    At least three or four private equity funds are currently raising capital with a mandate to invest in agricultural enterprises in Africa.
    • 04 February 2010
    Agri-Vie eyes $300 mln for Africa farm projects
    Private equity fund Agri-Vie will reach its $100 million target for investment in agricultural projects in Africa by March, and could triple it in a second fund
    • Reuters
    • 14 January 2010
    Agri-Vie bullish on farming in Africa
    The global food shortage coupled with vast tracts of surplus arable land in Africa made the continent the world's greatest farming opportunity, Avril Stassen, an investment adviser for Agri-Vie's $100 million (R957 million) agribusiness private equity fund, said last week.
    • Business Report
    • 30 Mar 2009
    FACTBOX: Investing in Africa: Land and agriculture
    Soaring food prices, supply fears among import-dependent countries and rising demand for biofuels have driven up investment in agricultural land, notably in Africa.
    • Reuters
    • 07 October 2008
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