• Russian farming: from basket case to breadbasket?
    • Associated Press
    • 19 September 2008

    Lured by soaring food prices, corporations - both domestic and foreign - have been snapping up land in this fertile region the size of France, replacing inefficient Soviet-style collective farming with modern farming techniques and economies of scale.

  • Russian farming: from basket case to breadbasket
    • Associated Press
    • 19 September 2008

    “Foreigners who come here get astonished at the gleaming black earth,” said Viktor Karnushin, head of a local subsidiary of Sweden’s Black Earth Farming corporation, one of the biggest foreign players in Russian farming.

  • All about investing in agricultural land
    • Farms.com
    • 15 September 2008

    As with timberland, while direct ownership and management (i.e., being a farmer), is a possibility, such a route is similarly fraught with difficulties. One of the most significant of these is the issue of diversification in the farmland itself - especially with a single investment. A well-diversified holding of farmland (row crop, permanent crop, pasture and even timber) will, therefore, not only require a significant investment, but may also involve land holdings in a number of different locations.

  • Russia’s Collective Farms: Hot Capitalist Property
    • New York Times
    • 31 August 2008

    A decade after capitalism transformed Russian industry, an agricultural revolution is stirring the countryside. The change is being driven by soaring global food prices (the price of wheat alone rose 77 percent last year) and a new reform allowing foreigners to own agricultural land. Together, they have created a land rush in rural Russia.

  • Alpcot Agro: Half yearly report
    • Half yearly report Alpcot Agro AB
    • 28 August 2008

    “I am satisfied with what we have achieved during the first half of 2008. We have been able to combine a fast increase in land under control with successful operations. The harvested area is estimated to be approximately 53,900 hectares with an estimated harvest of approximately 150,600 tonnes, which is higher than expected.”

  • Investors plow money into Russian farming, but problems remain
    • Reuters
    • 06 August 2008

    Investors are plowing money into Russia’s open lands to resuscitate the long-neglected farm sector and supply a world in ever greater need of food.

  • On the hunt for farmland in Russia
    • Ag Capita
    • 25 July 2008

    Companies listed on European exchanges have been acquiring large amounts of farmland in Russia

  • Sociétés russes et étrangères investissent activement dans les terres agricoles en Russie
    • Vedomosti
    • 21 July 2008

    Les compagnies étrangères cotées dans les bourses européennes achètent activement des terres agricoles en Russie

  • Dexion Capital seeks £135 million for new global farming fund
    • CityWire
    • 07 July 2008

    The fund’s strategy is to own and manage funds which operate in largely unsubsidised farming countries and are among the lowest cost producers of their chosen commodity or livestocks.

  • China: 'Going Outward' for Food Security
    • Stratfor
    • 30 June 2008

    Beijing is adding agricultural investments to its “go outward” strategy, under which domestic businesses are encouraged to venture into foreign markets.

  • Business eyes Ukraine’s fertile land
    • Financial Times
    • 19 June 2008

    “Look at the colour, what a beautiful crop,” says Richard Spinks, pointing to wheat and rapeseed fields that his company sowed this season in western Ukraine. “If all of Ukraine’s farms could produce the yields we are getting, this country could play a big role in feeding the world and establish itself as a geopolitical power,” says the British chief executive of London-listed Landkom.

  • Countries Are Renting Farmland Abroad
    • US News and World Report
    • 12 June 2008

    As food crisis worsens, some nations are desperate for arable land

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