• The true price of palm oil
    • Global Witness
    • 08 October 2021

    Global Witness goes undercover to investigate the growing threat facing Papua New Guinea’s communities and tropical forests from palm oil companies driving widespread deforestation and human rights abuses.

  • Money to burn
    • Global Witness
    • 23 September 2019

    Global Witness exposes how more than 300 banks and investors back six of the world’s most harmful agribusinesses to the tune of $44bn

  • White House to begin $10 billion farm investment fund
    • NY Times
    • 24 July 2014

    Wall Street is looking for ways to invest in America’s heartland, and the government is ready to play matchmaker.

  • Investors hungry for agriculture
    • The Australian
    • 27 April 2013

    There is "a wall of money" looking for a home in agricultural investments worldwide, say managers for BlackRock's London-based World Agriculture Fund.

  • Tap superannuation for funds, says Visy director Ross Fitzgerald
    • The Australian
    • 18 April 2013

    According to BlackRock world agriculture fund portfolio manager and director Desmond Cheung there is a "wall of money" that is looking to back the world's growing appetite for a stable and growing food supply.

  • Investors farm English land for gains as BlackRock sells
    • Bloomberg
    • 08 Mar 2013

    Rural land produced some of the best investment returns in Europe since the financial crisis began five years ago, appreciating by 51 percent across England

  • Being like Soros in buying farmland lets investors reap 16% annual gains
    • Bloomberg
    • 10 August 2011

    Investors are pouring into farmland in the US and parts of Europe, Latin America and Africa as global food prices soar.

  • Harvesting Returns
    • CNBC
    • 02 August 2010

    BlackRock agriculture fund manager says they are investing in companies that own land and grow crops.

  • BlackRock buys agri shares to cap volatility
    • Reuters
    • 11 June 2010

    BlackRock funds take long-term positions in companies that own land, produce crops, raise livestock or sell agricultural equipment.

  • BlackRock launches global agriculture fund
    • CityWire
    • 11 February 2010

    The companies the $100 million fund will target will be those involved with agrichemicals, equipment and infrastructure, as well as soft commodities and food, biofuels, forestry, agricultural sciences and arable land.

  • Farmland investment - Next bubble or undervalued asset?
    • Sterling Knight
    • 17 August 2009

    "In any resource sector, if you want to get involved, you always want to be in the upstream. It doesn't matter whether it's mining, whether its oil and gas or agriculture," says ABN AMRO's Tariono.

  • Foreign investors snap up African farmland
    • Der Spiegel
    • 30 July 2009

    Because of the political sensitivity of the modern-day land grab, it is often only the country's head of state who knows the details. Der Spiegel investigates.

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