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27 Feb 2010EchoGéo
Des terres pour l’agro-industrie internationale ? Un dilemme pour la politique foncière malgache
Madagascar hésite toujours entre la formalisation de droits sur le sol au profit du plus grand nombre et l’octroi de vastes espaces à des firmes internationales.
12 Feb 2010GTZ
GTZ/BMZ: Foreign direct investment in land in developing countries
On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the GTZ have published a new study on FDI in land in developing countries.
19 Jan 2010AGTER
Appropriation et concentration de droits fonciers à grande échelle-Le cas de Madagascar
Accaparement des terres - cas du Madagascar - par AGTER
07 Jan 2010ComeDonChisciotte
I grandi capitalisti alla conquista delle terre coltivabili dei paesi poveri
Si impadroniscono delle risorse naturali sempre più scarse attraverso la guerra delle armi o il danaro. La scomparsa delle popolazioni in via di sviluppo a loro non importa.
10 Dec 2009FIAN
Recognize land as a human right- Sellout of agricultural lands will aggravate food crisis
"On today's Human Rights Day, we demand that States fulfill their obligation to respect and protect the right to food of their citizens and abroad by preventing large scale land grabbing" says Sofia Monsalve of FIAN International.
04 Dec 2009IPS
Q&R : Même les Etats insulaires peuvent faire des projets pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire
L’île Maurice envisage de produire des denrées alimentaires à Madagascar et au Mozambique où elle a obtenu de grandes étendues de terre. Est-ce un projet viable?
02 Dec 2009Earth System Governance
The African land-grab: Creating equitable governance strategies through codes-of-conduct and certification schemes
This paper examines two failed land acquisition processes for food and biofuels production in Africa (SEKAB-Tanzania and Daewoo-Madagascar) with the aim to establishing more equitable governance strategies.
01 Dec 2009IPS
Even Island States can make plans to improve food security
"Mauritius cannot depend on [Mozambique and Madagascar] for sustainable agricultural development. It’s better for us to cultivate our own land to produce more food and leave some land for future generations."
30 Nov 2009Resistir
A grande dádiva de terras: Neocolonialismo por convite
A construção de impérios em estilo colonial está a ter uma enorme recuperação, e a maior parte dos colonialistas são recém-chegados, a abrirem o seu caminho depois dos predadores europeus e estado-unidenses bem estabelecidos.
30 Nov 2009APA
Korea leases African land to ensure food security
The South Korean government has realised that its 49 million people cannot, in the long term, be fed sustainably without the assistance of Africa’s abundant land resources.
29 Nov 2009La Jornada
Alimentación: hacia un nuevo colonialismo
La extensión de lo que ha sido calificado por el director de la FAO, Jacques Diouf, como un "sistema neocolonial", constituye el avance de un peldaño en la aplicación de la visión global de libre mercado que ha prevalecido en las últimas décadas en la política alimentaria mundial, la cual convierte las necesidades alimentarias de la población en una inmensa oportunidad de negocios privados.
16 Nov 2009People's Food Sovereignty
Land grabbing in Madagascar
Il nuovo governo ha promesso che avrebbe cancellato l'accordo, ma recentemente ha scritto una lettera pubblica in cui spiegava che era meglio metterlo semplicemente in stand-by.

Human Rights Watch is seeking applicants for the position of Researcher on Women and Land. This position will be responsible for developing and implementing a research and advocacy agenda focusing on the impacts of large-scale international land acquisitions on women’s human rights in Africa and Asia.

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

Who's involved?

27 May 2015 - Paris
Et maintenant nos terres: Première projection
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05 Jun 2015 - Chiang Mai
Land grabbing: Perspectives from East and Southeast Asia
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