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26 Aug 2011Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Food aid vs food security: An opportunity in the Gulf
"Supporting partnerships between Gulf countries and American farmers to advance their own food security agendas would not only constitute a major boon for our farmers, but would also put the USG in a better position to partner with these countries in pursuing our own food security strategy with poor nations in the Arab world and beyond," writes the US embassy in Qatar
26 Feb 2010Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Brazil criticizes China over "land grabs" in Africa
"At an UNCTAD meeting on investment in agriculture on February 3, China became the central focus of criticism amid a chorus of concerns about the economic, food security, environmental and social impact of large foreign purchases of agricultural lands in developing countries," reports the US mission to Geneva
22 Feb 2010Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Kazakhstan: Chinese land-lease deal stirs up controversy
"Despite a December 23, 2009, Interfax press report that President Nazarbayev instructed the prosecutors to punish those who disseminate information about the sale of land to foreigners, opposition leaders have continued to advocate against the transfer of land to China," reports the US Embassy in Astana
11 Feb 2010Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Sudan: China poised for key role in post 2011 agriculture
"The People's Republic of China (PRC) is encouraging Chinese private enterprises to invest heavily in Sudan's agriculture sector, Lee "Ali" Wei Zheng, Commercial Officer for the Chinese Embassy, told PolEconOff February 3," reports the US Embassy in Khartoum
04 Feb 2010Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Investing in food security: Experts address Responsible Agricultural Investment at global Donor Platform meeting
US government cable discusses 24 January 2010 meeting organised by Swiss Development Corporation, UN Food and Agriculture Organization and International Fund for Agricultural Investment on "Land, Investment, and Development," attended by many of the key players working on responsible international agro-industrial and land investment principles
28 Jan 2010Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Rome agencies on voluntary "code of conduct" for responsible agro-investments
US government mission in Rome discusses FAO's work to develop principles for international farmland "investments"
24 Jan 2010Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Saudi foreign agriculture investment plans: Opportunities for increased trade, assistance, and US jobs
US government mission in Riyadh writes, "Although the idea of Saudi farms in Africa may sound farfetched, the Kingdom has for years hired foreign managers and laborers to administer its farms and other agribusinesses (e.g., most Saudi wheat farms currently have Egyptian managers)."
22 Dec 2009Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Libya invests $30 million in Liberian rice development
"Without significant road improvements, it is unlikely that the ADA rice will reach markets in Maryland, River Gee, or Grand Kru and Liberia will continue with an insecure food supply."
16 Dec 2009Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Qatar sharpening focus on food security and related technologies
"Hassad [Food] has innovated by considering investments in overseas agribusinesses rather than only purchasing land in countries with questionable property rights, and where the indigenous population may not benefit from such purchases," writes the US embassy in Doha
15 Dec 2009Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Kuwaiti food security: Less than meets the eye...
US embassy in Kuwait reports on discussions with Kuwaiti officials on acquiring farmland overseas for food security or profit
10 Dec 2009Wikileaks
Wikileaks: Ethiopia seeks dramatic change in agricultural land use
"This apparent rush to lease so much farmland, much or all of it to foreign interests, during a time of worsening food insecurity should raise concern within the donor community about GoE motivations and negotiating capacity," writes the US embassy in Addis Ababa in December 2009
24 Nov 2009Wikileaks
Wikileaks: UAE develops food security policy
"Al Shariqi said that while the government does not have foreign agricultural investments, some UAE sheikhs personally own land in Pakistan, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand," reports the US mission in Abu Dhabi
The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

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