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05 Jul 2015Phnom Penh Post
The economics of ELCs
Economic land concessions (ELC) in Cambodia have a profound and negative impact upon rural households located near the plantations. Despite moratoriums on land grabbing, companies operating ELCs continue dominate and run much of Cambodia’s arable land.
02 Jul 2015Oakland Institue
Getting the facts right on Agrica/KPL agricultural investment in Tanzania
Oakland Institute responds to reactions to its report by the owners of the industrial rice plantation in Mngeta.
01 Jul 2015Xinhua
Foreign investment in Australian agriculture to be registered, made public
Australia will force all foreign investors to register their agricultural holdings from Wednesday as scrutiny on overseas investment increases.
01 Jul 2015Land & Rights Watch
#NoLandNoLife | Land & Rights Watch: 3 killings every 2 weeks due to land conflicts and struggles
In 2015 there are 510 victims from land related human rights violations in Asia and Latin America. Mostly indigenous peoples, activists, community leaders, farmers and agricultural workers.
30 Jun 2015TerraProject
Land Inc.
Land Inc. is a journey across Brazil, Dubai, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Madagascar the Philippines and Ukraine to document what some define as a form of neocolonialism, and others as a chance for development: land grabbing
30 Jun 2015The Land
Showcase whets China's farmland appetite
China's appetite for Australian farmland showing no signs of being sated. Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) annual report confirmed China has become Australia's biggest source of approved foreign investment after a $12.4 billion splurge.
29 Jun 2015Asia Times
Russians wary of land deals with China
Plans of Russia’s Far Eastern Zabaikalsky region to allow Chinese firms to rent sizeable plots of land has drawn vocal protests in Russia, including a series of online petitions demanding to annul the would-be-deal.
29 Jun 2015Reuters
Australia tightens rules on foreign ownership of farmland
Australia tightened rules on Monday requiring overseas investors to declare holdings of agricultural land in order to strengthen oversight, amid concerns that Australia is losing control of its own food security.
29 Jun 2015Mongabay
NGOs, activists fret new role for Indonesia's spy agency
A mysterious new partnership between Indonesia's spy agency and Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) to boost foreign investment has civil society wary of deepening agrarian conflict in the post-authoritarian country.
29 Jun 2015China Daily
PNG aims to become major rice exporter
PNG's Minister for Agriculture says "the best way to do agriculture in Papua New Guinea is large-scale, mechanized" as small scale agriculture is "no longer feasible."
29 Jun 2015Agrimoney
KTG Agrar unveils China hopes, as Fosun takes 9% stake
Hong Kong-listed Fosun International, a conglomerate with investments in businesses ranging from holiday resort chain Club Med to upmarket circus show Cirque de Soleil, is to buy 9% of German farm-operator KTG Agrar.
29 Jun 2015The Star
Tycoon wants to make Indonesia global player in food supply
Peter Sondakh, the Rajawali Group chairman and chief executive officer, has set his sight on making his company a global giant in the palm oil business and sees PNG as the game changer for the industry.
The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

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