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31 Oct 2014Reuters
Burma farmers at risk of losing land under legal shift: think tank
Millions of small-scale farmers in Burma risk losing land under proposals to regulate land use which focus too much on investment and not enough on people’s livelihoods.
31 Oct 2014RFA
Laos plans to allow foreigners to purchase land in controversial move
Laos is to allow foreign investors to purchase land under a proposed law which some groups say would discriminate against locals and threaten national sovereignty.
31 Oct 2014IPS
They say the land is ‘uninhabited’ but indigenous communities disagree
Disregarding the rights of indigenous people to their traditional lands is costing companies millions of dollars each year, and costing communities themselves their lives.
30 Oct 2014Global Witness
New UN principles on agricultural investment won’t stop land grabbing or hunger
After a painstaking two-year negotiation process, the Principles lack the power to change the status quo, whereby corporate profit trumps human rights and the environment.
30 Oct 2014IWGIA
Fact sheet: Indigenous peoples' Right to Land - The threat of land grabbing
Land grabbing is done with limited (if any) consultation of communities, limited (if any) compensation, and lack of regard for environmental sustainability and equitable access to, or control over, natural resources.
30 Oct 2014AFD
Guide to due diligence of agribusiness projects that affect land and property rights
This publication draws on the work undertaken by members of the ‘Land Tenure and Development’ Technical Committee set up by French Agency for Development (AFD).
29 Oct 2014The Land
Robb defends foreign investment
Australia's Trade Minister Andrew Robb has engaged in a fiery exchange with controversial radio broadcaster Alan Jones over foreign investment in agriculture.
29 Oct 2014RRI
New report analyzes 73,000 mining, oil & gas, logging, and agriculture developments; most involve land that is inhabited
In an analysis of almost 73,000 concessions in eight tropical forested countries, more than 93 percent of these developments were found to involve land inhabited by Indigenous Peoples and local communities.
29 Oct 2014The Citizen
Millions of hectares of African land ‘grabbed’
Over 55 million hectares of land in Africa have been “grabbed” since 2000, according to research presented at a conference on Wednesday.
28 Oct 2014WSJ
Congo seeks investors for farmland bigger than France
The Democratic Republic of Congo plans to lease as much as 640,000 square kilometers of farmland, or more than one-quarter of the central African nation.
28 Oct 2014RNZ
Friction in American Samoa over farming programme
American Samoan farmers have repeated their fears to the Governor that foreign farmers are buying up land and cashing in on government programmes to the detriment of locals.
28 Oct 2014ABC
Chinese interest in Australian farms is high but action is slow as China calls for reduced scrutiny from the Foreign Investment Review Board
There's no question that after five years of investing about $60 billion in the Australian resources and power sectors, the focus of Chinese investment is now on food.
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