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19 Dec 2014Stabroek News
Foot-dragging on regional food production
A group of potential investors from Trinidad and Tobago were in Guyana last week to scout local lands suitable for large-scale farming initiatives, as part of an MOU between the two countries signed last year.
19 Dec 2014EM TV
SABL investigation: O’Neill says bureaucracy not responding
The SABL became a national and an international issue when it was uncovered that 5.2 million ha of customary land in PNG were converted to agricultural business leases without the knowledge and consent of customary landowners.
18 Dec 2014BBC
Villagers losing their land to Malawi's sugar growers
We met dozens of families with land circling Dwangwa town in central Malawi, who said they had been driven out to make way for larger, industrial farm-projects.
18 Dec 2014BelTA
UAE invited to invest in Belarusian agricultural companies
Top on the agenda of talks between Belarus and the UAE was the purchase of land to produce grain crops in Belarus for their subsequent export to the United Arab Emirates.
16 Dec 2014Data Institute
The Acquisition Manual for Karuturi Global Limited
The Data Institute has released a US$30,000 "aquisition manual” for Karuturi Global Ltd.
16 Dec 2014Eurasia Review
Chinese agriculture goes global – analysis
China invests in land and research in Africa, South America, Central Asia to feed the world’s largest population.
15 Dec 2014Cambodia Daily
Forty NGOs based outside of Cambodia support ICC case
Forty NGOs signed a letter sent to the International Criminal Court (ICC), asking to open a preliminary investigation into an October filing that accused Cambodian “ruling elite” crimes against humanity by committed widespread land grabs.
15 Dec 2014Financial Review
Macquarie plays ACE dairy card
ACE Farming, backed by institutional investors, has stayed out of the limelight, quietly building up its portfolio of 18 dairy farms across Victoria.
15 Dec 2014ALDAW
Washing out diversity
A report by ALDAW (Ancesteral Land/Domain Watch)on the impact of oil palm plantations on non-timber forest products (NTFPs), indigenous people’s livelihood and community conserved areas (CCAs)in Palawan, Philippines.
12 Dec 2014Global Witness
Civil society statement supporting the case filed against the Cambodian ruling elite in the International Criminal Court
CSOs submit letter to ICC supporting case filed against Cambodia ruling elite that have waged widespread and systematic land grabbing, asking ICC to open a preliminary investigation.
12 Dec 2014ABC
Register to track foreign companies buying Australian farmland to be delayed
The Nationals, and some regional Liberals, claim that without the register, Australia's food security and sovereignty could be jeopardised.
11 Dec 2014Hiraan
Ethiopia: Large scale killing and deportation of Somali-Issa people in the Awash River
More than 300,000 people were asked to clear an area the size of Belgium to pave the way for a program with the prime purpose of leasing or selling lands to foreign investors.
The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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