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17 Jan 2014ADECRU
In Japanese: Position of ADECRU on the visit of Prime Minister of Japan in Mozambique
日本首相のモザンビーク訪問に対するADECRUのポジションペーパー: ADECRUは、ProSavana並びにニュー・アライアンスの実施を、以下の理由から批判し、拒否する。
17 Jan 2014The Nampula Civil Society Organizations' Provincial Platform
In Japanese:Nampula civil society rejects Japan-Mozambique accord, demands response to open letter on ProSAVANA
Press Release regarding the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe, visit to Mozambique
20 Dec 2013Landgrab-Japan
ナカラ回廊地域の農業開発マスタープラン形成のためのコンセプト・ノート(Concept Note)についての専門家による分析
本分析は、第7回「ProSAVANA事業に関するNGO・外務省意見交換会」での議論に寄与するために作成された 。日本のアフリカ農村経済学、アフリカ農業・農村開発、モザンビーク研究、国際協力研究の専門家によるものである 。
26 Feb 2013IWJ
Why the Mozambican farmers issued a statement protesting Japanese aid for an agriculture project?
Video of a seminar in Hokkaido, Japan on the ProSavana project featuring representatives of UNAC.
03 Dec 2012Landgrab-Japan
23 Oct 2012
プロサバンナ事業に関する声明 "Pronunciamento da UNAC sobre o Programa ProSavana" in japanese
Japanese version “Pronunciamento da UNAC sobre o Programa ProSavana”
30 Jun 2011CADE
Japanese translation of article of GRAIN, "Pension funds: key players in the global farmland grab"
26 Apr 2011It's time to outlaw land grabbing, not to make it "responsible"!
In Japanese It's time to outlaw land grabbing, not to make it "responsible"!
Translation of It's time to outlaw land grabbing, not to make it "responsible"! by Via Campesina
09 Mar 2011Dakar Appeal against the land grab
In Japanese Dakar Appeal against the land grab
Translation of Dakar Appeal against the land grab
13 Oct 2010La Via Campesina, FIAN, LRAN, GRAIN
Translation of Document:Why We Oppose the Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI)
08 Jun 2010Project Syndicate
Japanese translation of article of Olivier De Schutter "Responsibly Destroying the World’s Peasantry".
08 Jan 2010NHK
Africa: Land grab or development? (NHK)
Documentary for Japan Broadcasting Corporation, focusing on Tanzania and Ethiopia
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26 Apr 2014 - Berkeley, CA
Our land: a symposium on farmland access in the 21st century
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28 Apr 2014 - New York
Global AgInvesting 2014
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