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Amharic Rss
10 Apr 2013West Australian
Qatar firm defends WA farm investment
Hassad Australia chief executive Tom McKeon said the company employed people from local communities, supported local businesses and paid tax. The company owns 11 farms over 250,000ha in Australia, including three in WA.
29 Mar 2011Government of Ethiopia
የሰፋፊ መሬቶች ልማት
Goverment of Ethiopia webpage on land lease contracts (in Amharic)
10 Mar 2011Oakland Institute
Ethiopia: Regional agreement template (Ahmaric)
Contract template that was given to the Oakland Institute research team in Benishangul
10 Jul 2010ASO
Produire du riz ou investir dans la région de Gambela : la vidéo de propagande du gouvernement éthiopien
La voix de l’Anywaa Survival Organisation s’est élevée contre la politique de cession des terres adoptée par le gouvernement éthiopien.
10 Jul 2010ASO
Rice Production or Investment in Gambela region, Ethiopian government's propaganda video
Anywaa Survival Organisation's critique of the Ethiopian government's video presentation of rice land grab in the Gambela region.
10 Mar 2010VOA
Land grab in Africa is not a good development: Radio report
Private corporations from Asian and Middle Easter countries are facing Africa’s virgin lands to secure their population’s food needs. Ethiopia is in the forefront of African states offering fertile land for long-term lease to these corporations and states. This
01 Dec 2009Gadaa.com
Ethiopia: Zenawi on land grab policy that made farmers “cotton picking” slaves
Video: Mr. Meles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, discusses his government’s land grab policy, where the federal government has taken over millions of hectares of farmland from the States of Benishangul, Gambela and Oromia to distribute it to the so-called investors.
The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

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