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27 Mar 2014ABC
Foreign investment in agriculture
Should foreign investment in Australian agricultural land and infrastructure be strictly limited? An Intelligence Squared debate presented by the St James Ethics Centre at Sydney's City Recital Hall.
20 Mar 2014VOA
Les peuples des forêts réclament leurs droits
Des représentants des peuples des forêts, peuples autochtones et communautés locales de tous les continents se sont retrouvés à Palangka Raya en Indonésie pour faire le point des menaces pesant sur leur environnement.
03 Mar 2014RFI
Expert says multinational land lease in Senegal pushes herders off land
A new report on a government-sanctioned land grab in Senegal shows a new deal that threatens thousands of Peul pastoralists in the rural Ndiel area.
20 Feb 2014RFI
Sénégal : l’agrobusiness à quel prix ?
Le gouvernement veut favoriser l’installation d’investisseurs étrangers qui se consacrent à la production agricole destinée essentiellement à l’exportation. Reportage
06 Feb 2014ABC
Pacific land grab among worlds worst says expert
International expert on land-grabbing Fred Pearce says the Pacific has some of the world's worst examples of the practice.
15 Jan 2014Deutsche Welle
Cambodian farmers say EU politics forces land grabs
Farmers in Cambodia say a European free trade initiative set up to boost the Cambodian economy has instead forced them off their land.
20 Dec 2013BFM
Audio: UK’s Equatorial Palm Oil accused of human rights abuses in Liberia
BFM speaks to Natalie Ashworth, the senior campainger at Global Witness about the recent allegations of UK’s Equatorial Palm Oil accused of human rights abuses in Liberia.
07 Dec 2013RFI
L’accaparement des terres au Sénégal
Selon Mariam Sow, « L’accaparement des terres concerne 1/3 des surfaces cultivables du Sénégal ! » Emission sur RFI.
01 Dec 2013Free City Radio
Interview — Violent corporate land grabbing in Papua New Guinea
Violent corporate land grabbing is driven by logging corporations operating with little oversight in some of the world’s largest rainforests, all with the direct complicity of many politicians.
25 Nov 2013ABC
US farming investors look to West Australia for land purchases
An American grain consultant says there's a lot of interest from the United States farming sector in investing in West Australian agriculture.
09 Nov 2013Radio Canut
Accaparement des terres et résistance au Mali
Entretien radiophonique avec Massa, autour des problématiques et des luttes sur les accaparements de centaines de milliers d’hectares de terres au Mali
21 Oct 2013Redeye Collective
Ethiopian subsistence farmers subject to forced relocation
Anuradha Mittal of the Oakland Institute speaks abouthow farmers in Ethiopia are being pushed off their land to make way for multinational agribusiness.
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