18 Aug 2014 Bernama
Malaysian firms will lose if Indonesia caps ownership
Indonesian lawmakers are looking to restrict foreign ownership of plantations to no more than 30 per cent from a maximum of 95% currently.
31 Jul 2014 Business Wire
K Global Ventures choisi par le Gouvernement de Guinée pour développer 100 000 hectares de plantations pour la production d’huile de palme
Si le projet est terminé d’ici 2020, la République de Guinée offrira une superficie de terres représentant le double de la première proposition.
30 Jul 2014 Business Wire
K Global Ventures selected by Government of Guinea to develop 100,000 hectares palm oil plantation
Guinea's Minister of Trade, Marc Yombouno, says that if the Malaysian company completes the project within five years the Republic of Guinea will provide the company with an additional 100,000 ha.
14 Jul 2014 Sun Star
Philippine: Large oil palm plantation not feasible in Paquibato
District is not feasible for Malaysian company seeking a 20,000 ha oil palm plantation but a 10,0000 ha site found in neighbouring Marilog District, as another Malaysian investor still has plans for 30,000 ha.
21 May 2014 Awas MIFEE
#savearu mengusir Menara Group, saatnya untuk #savebovendigoel
Mungkin kisah PT Menara Group di Aru telah usai, sekarang saatnya untuk melihat ke Boven Digoel.
21 May 2014 Awas MIFEE
#savearu sees off Menara Group, time to #savebovendigoel
The story may be over for the Menara Group in Aru, Indonesia. Now it’s time to look at Boven Digoel, where Menara is using the pretext of oil palm plantations to get its hands on 400,000 ha of primary forest.
22 Mar 2014 Inquirer
Philippines: Malaysian firm to turn land around Maguindanao massacre site into plantation
Univex will invest $10 million to convert lands around the site of the 2009 Maguindanao massacre into a banana plantation and agricultural complex
20 Dec 2013 Le Temps
Le pillage des forêts de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée s’accélère
S’abritant souvent derrière des projets de développement agricole sans avoir d’expérience réelle en la matière, des entreprises étrangères ont déboisé de vastes surfaces, enregistrant sur la vente de ce bois un gain bien supérieur aux compensations versées aux communautés propriétaires des terres.
10 Dec 2013 SDI
Liberian communities continue to resist landgrabbing by UK company Equatorial Palm Oil
The RSPO complaint by Liberian communities extends to Equatorial Palm Oil’s new majority shareholder Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd of Malaysia
17 Oct 2013 Agrimoney
EPO shares soar after approach from palm oil giant
Shares in Equatorial Palm Oil soared 40% after the palm oil minnow revealed it was in talks over a takeover by Malaysia-based giant Kuala Lumpur Kepong, which would gain a foothold in Africa through a deal.
14 Oct 2013 PANAP
PAN AP partners launch 'land grabs' book to mark 'World Foodless Day'
Partner organizations of Pesticide Action Network - Asia and the Pacific launch a book compiling seven case studies on land grabbing in the region as part of its activities to mark "World Foodless Day"
27 Aug 2013 Business Times
FGV scouts for land in Asean, Africa
FELDA Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) is scouting for oil palm land in the Asean region, Cameroon and Nigeria.


DR Congo: Take action to stop intimidation of community leaders accused of supporting protests against Canadian oil palm plantation company.

Sign the petition to denounce the arrest of Ethiopian food & land activists and help support their families.

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