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11 Dec 2012BBC
The controversy of land deals in Liberia
From a a palm oil plantation run by a Malaysian company, Sime Darby, the Today programme's Evan Davis looked into whether lands deals are a route into better life, or a signing away of the nation's wealth.
03 Dec 2012Basta !
Live or drive, a choice has to be made
A case study of Sime Darby operations in Liberia by Sophie Chapelle
27 Nov 2012La Depeche
Port-la-Nouvelle. L'usine d'huile de palme ne se fera pas
«Sime Darby s'est replié sur Rotterdam. Le projet d'une usine de transformation d'huile de palme a été abandonné sur Port-la-Nouvelle», annonce Henry Garino, le conseiller régional carcassonnais.
20 Nov 2012EJOLT
Silas Siakor: landgrabbing in Liberia
The government allocated some 350.000 hectares to Sime Darby, a Malaysian multinational. But people only came to know about this deal when the company showed up to take their land.
15 Oct 2012PAN AP
Reclaiming the last forests of Sarawak
For the government of Sarawak, every piece of land should be utilised in the name of "development". Thus, reserved forests and lands should be logged and cleared and eventually, planted with oil palm. As a result, Malaysia's deforestation rate is increasing faster than anywhere else in the world.
02 Oct 2012Bernama
Felda to build Myanmar supply chain
Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd plans to develop a complete supply chain of its three core business -– palm oil, sugar cane and rubber -- in Myanmar.
26 Jul 2012GRAIN
Interview with Ahmad bin Awang Ali of the Borneo Indigenous Peasant Movement
Indigenous peoples in Sarawak, Malaysia are facing an escalation of land grabbing in their territories by national palm oil companies, backed by foreign corporations.
20 Jul 2012PANAP
Organisations in Asia strategise in opposing land grabbing
Participants from various communities shared documented cases, stories and photos of how large-scale investments of local and foreign owned companies are displacing communities and how people oppose such type of investments.
29 Jun 2012RFI
Ruée sur les actions de Felda, l'opérateur malaisien d'huile de palme
La moitié de l'argent levé en bourse sera destiné à la replantation, mais aussi à l'extension des surfaces chez le voisin indonésien et en Afrique, où le coût du foncier est moins élevé qu'en Malaisie.
28 Jun 2012Reuters
Malaysia's Felda surges 20 percent in debut of world's No.2 IPO
Felda Global plans to use the bulk of its proceeds to snap up more plantations in Southeast Asia and Africa and boost its refining and market business in its bid to become a peer to Archer-Daniel Midlands and Cargill by 2020.
16 May 2012Friends of Lake Turkana
Ethiopia forcefully evicting Omo tribes for sugar plantations
On the ground reports have exposed a secret operation by Ethiopian forces to force the Suri, Bodi and Mursi tribes out of their ancestral land to pave way for sugarcane plantations of Malaysian investors.
01 May 2012FPP
Liberia : le développement de l’agro-industrie menace les forêts et les moyens de subsistance des communautés locales
La population locale avait été trompée quant à l’ampleur des destructions qui auraient lieu, et on lui avait également fait croire qu’une plantation de palmier à huile serait établie mais que les habitants garderaient leurs fermes.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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