10 Aug 2015 Jornal Floripa
Projeto agrícola financiado pelo Brasil atrai acusações em Moçambique
Um projeto de desenvolvimento da agricultura em Moçambique, financiado pelos governos do Brasil e do Japão, levou à expulsão de centenas de pequenos agricultores de suas terras para dar espaço a grandes empreendimentos
28 Jul 2015 JCC
Triangular cooperation for agricultural development of the tropcial savannah of Mozambique
Presentation made by the 3rd Joint Coordination Committee of ProSAVANA on December 3, 2012 in Nampula
30 Jun 2015 TerraProject
Land Inc.
Land Inc. is a journey across Brazil, Dubai, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Madagascar the Philippines and Ukraine to document what some define as a form of neocolonialism, and others as a chance for development: land grabbing
19 Jun 2015 Farm Futures
Brazil considers friendlier foreign farmland policy
Head of Brazilian Ag Caucus pushes amendment to allow foreign corporations to buy land
17 Jun 2015
Aparente Auscultação Pública sobre o Programa Prosavana – Mais um processo de diálogo Fantoche
"Exigimos que, por um lado, a auscultação pública em questão seja declarada nula e de nenhum efeito pelos fundamentos supra mencionados à semelhança das de nível provincial e distrital que já foram realizada"
17 Jun 2015 Na?o ProSavana
The seemingly public hearing of the ProSavana Program: Yet another phoney dialogue process
The ProSavana Program has no legitimacy because it does not abide to the law and because it is fundamentally rejected by wide sectors of Mozambican society, mainly by peasant communities and organizations of the Nacala Corridor.
15 Jun 2015 Upside Down World
Brazil: Demarcation of indigenous lands stalls and violence worsens
There have been more than 29 indigenous killed in just three regions of Tumpinambá lands in the state of Bahía, between 2013 and 2015.
10 Jun 2015 Agrimoney
BrasilAgro shares soar as land sale flags rising values
Brazilian agriculture company BrasilAgro sold its Cremaq farm in Piauí for more than seven times what was paid for it nine years ago.
08 Jun 2015
Mozambique: People's appeal for an immediate invalidation of the 'Public Hearing of ProSavana's Master Plan"
Appeal reflects and expresses our profound indignation and discontent regarding the public hearing process, especially regarding the way these meetings were planned, convened and held.
28 May 2015 Bloomberg
Brookfield said to raise $300 million for Brazil farmland fund
Brookfield Asset Management Inc., Canada’s largest alternative asset manager, has raised $300 million for a new agricultural fund targeting Brazilian farmland, a person with knowledge of the matter said.
28 May 2015
A Grande Concessão de Terras em Moçambique
Será que a bolha da grilagem tinha estourado? Será que o inicio conturbado do projeto ProSavana seria um sinal de que as terras africanas haviam perdido o seu esplendor?
26 May 2015 Bloomberg
Angola’s $750 million sugar-to-fuel project to start in June
A $750 million project to produce ethanol and sugar in Angola will start next month after a year of delays as costs rose 50 percent on a plantation larger than Montreal.


DR Congo: Take action to stop intimidation of community leaders accused of supporting protests against Canadian oil palm plantation company.

Sign the petition to denounce the arrest of Ethiopian food & land activists and help support their families.

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