15 Dec 2014 FASE
Fundo Nacala, estrutura original e desdobramentos
Este texto apresenta informações técnicas sobre a natureza e o funcionamento do Fundo Nacala, um instrumento financeiro privado internacional, concebido para financiar projetos agrícolas na região do Corredor de Nacala, em Moçambique.
03 Dec 2014 ADECRU
Associações de camponeses em Nampula agastadas com a implementação do Modelo II do ProSAVANA
As associações de camponeses nos distritos de Ribaué, Província de Nampula, estão agastadas e revoltadas com a Coordenação do Programa ProSAVANA.
28 Nov 2014 Gulf Times
Brazil's 'extensive research' in farming can be of help to Qatar
A senior official of the Brazilian embassy in Doha says Qatar Investment Authority, specifically Hassad Foods, has expressed interest in acquiring land in Brazil.
27 Nov 2014 World Folio
Agriculture: Sweet energy from sugar cane
The mammoth Biocom sugarcane project is a prime example of the Angolan government’s multi-faceted plan to open up the country’s interior to economic activity and increase agricultural production.
25 Nov 2014 This Day
Nigeria: Osun partners Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina on agric
Osun State Government signed agriculture partnerships over the weekend with investors from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.
27 Oct 2014 UDOP
Agricultores brasileiros expandem investimentos em países africanos
À frente de lavouras de algodão, feijão, milho e sorgo no Sudão desde 2009, em parceria com o Ministério da Agricultura do país africano, o Grupo Pinesso deve aumentar seus investimentos na África com a implantação de 45 mil hectares de milho irrigado a partir de 2015.
24 Oct 2014 Valor Econômico
Fiagril negotiates sale of minority stake to Chinatex
Fiagril, a Mato Grosso company operating in the trading and processing of grains, is negotiating the sale of a minority stake to Chinese agribusiness company Chinatex for R$400 million to R$500 million
24 Oct 2014 @Verdade
Mozambique: More than 1,000 people displaced from their lands in Lioma
More than a thousand sustenance farmers were removed from their lands by the Brazilian company AGROMOZ, to make way for soybean production in an area of some 3,000 hectares.
24 Oct 2014 Verdade
Moçambique: Centenas de camponeses desalojados das suas terras em Lioma
Mais de mil camponeses do povoado de Wakhua, no posto administrativo de Lioma, na fronteira entre as províncias da Zambézia e Nampula, foram desapropriados das suas terras pela empresa brasileira AGROMOZ.
21 Oct 2014 I&PE
AP2 targets tar sands, farmland for greater scrutiny
Swedish pension fund AP2 plans to conduct an external audit in response to criticism by Swedwatch for not disclosing the precise locations of its Brazilian farm holdings.
01 Oct 2014 World Grain
Noble, COFCO complete agribusiness joint venture
COFCO, Hopu Investment, Temasek, IFC and Standard and Chartered announce that the transaction to acquire Noble Agri through a holding company has gone through.
11 Sep 2014 Guardian
Tropical forests illegally destroyed for commercial agriculture
Increasing international demand for palm oil, beef, soy and wood is fuelling the illegal destruction of tropical forests at an alarming rate.


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