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06 Jun 2014Agencia Paco Urondo
Argentina: Latifundistas brasileros y la policía desalojan pequeños productores
Las familias de Cerro Morenita denunciaron cortes de alambrado, amenazas con disparos de arma de fuego e intimidaciones de los inversores brasileros acompañados por el comisario de Wanda para que desalojen los lotes fiscales.
02 Jun 2014UNAC
プレスリリース(2014年6月2日) 「プロサバンナにノー! 全国キャンペーン」 【日本語訳】
20 May 2014Zambia Daily Mail
4 investors eye sugar estates
The companies from Zimbabwe, Brazil, China and South Africa are expected to invest about US$1.250 billion on the 30,000 hectares reserved for the projects .
16 May 2014IHU
"Está em curso, no Brasil, uma concentração da propriedade da terra". Entrevista especial com João Pedro Stédile
"Com a crise de 2008, vieram para o Brasil 200 bilhões de dólares de capital fictício que foram aplicados só em recursos naturais. Esses 200 bilhões compraram terras, usinas de etanol, usinas hidrelétricas, etc."
11 May 2014E'a
En Brasil está restringida la venta de tierras cultivables a extranjeros
En Paraguay, en cambio, unas 5 millones hectáreas están en manos de colonos y terratenientes brasileños, casi el 11% de todo el territorio nacional. Favero (foto) es uno de ellos.
06 May 2014The Guardian
Brazil's 'chainsaw queen' takes on environmentalists
The head of Brazil's powerful agricultural lobby, Kátia Abreu, is rapidly becoming the country's most important – and dangerous – politician.
29 Apr 2014La Croix
Oxfam accuse des grandes banques australiennes
Elle accuse ces établissements de financer des sociétés impliquées dans des spoliations foncières, des exploitations forestières illégales et le travail des enfants.
17 Apr 2014ANBA
Dubai’s emir to discuss partnerships in Brazil
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is also travelling to Mexico, Argentina and Chile. The agenda includes negotiations for strategic partnerships, agriculture in Africa and mutual investment.
04 Apr 2014Reuters
Big Chinese soy project in Brazil: so far, just an empty field
No signs identify a barren field in northeastern Brazil that was meant to be the center of one of China's most ambitious agricultural forays into South America.
31 Mar 2014
「ProSAVANA市民社会報告2013ー現地調査に基づく提言【最終版】【資料集】」の刊行 Publishment of "ProSAVANA Civil Society Report 2013 - Findings and Recommendations" by Japanese Civil Society
28 Mar 2014Wall Street Journal
Chinese, Mideast funds to invest in Russian agricultural venture
The Russian Direct Investment Fund said it was leading a consortium buying a $200M stake in Sodrugestvo, a Luxembourg-based crop producer operating in Russia, several ex-Soviet states, Brazil and Northern Europe.
22 Mar 2014Voz da América
Odebrecht em tribunal por violações em Angola
Trabalhadores acusam companhia de retê-los em Malanje em péssimas condições de trabalho e habitação.

Stop the judicial harrassment of land rights defenders in Sierra Leone! Take action to support members of the Malen Land Owners and Users Association defending their lands against SOCFIN.

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

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18 May 2015 - en ligne
Accaparements de terres: de l'analyse à l'action