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12 Jun 2013Bloomberg
Smithfield embodies China’s record hunger for farm assets
China is headed to spend a record this year on food assets and farms after a $32.7 billion splurge in the past five years and just $4.2 billion in the prior half-decade, data compiled by Bloomberg show.
06 Jun 2013El Mundo
Sojeros brasileños arrasan con parques nacionales en Paraguay
Los sojeros han actuado hasta el momento con total impunidad, y la inacción es el consentimiento de las autoridades pertinentes en la zona del Alto Paraná.
04 Jun 2013Terra
Los Grobo venden empresa en Brasil para invertir en Argentina
Vendió su participación en una empresa en Brasil a la japonesa Mitsubishi Corporation.
03 Jun 2013Kyodo
Concern mounts over agriculture development plan in Mozambique
Concerns mount among civil society groups that an agriculture project in Mozambique, which Tokyo is pushing through as one of its key projects in Africa, may end up depriving local farmers of their land.
03 Jun 2013Japan Today
At TICAD, clumsy diplomacy mars controversial Japanese aid project in Mozambique
Mozambican Minister suggests "illiterate" farmers were not behind letter to President denouncing trilateral agribusiness project backed by Japan and Brazil.
03 Jun 2013La Nación
Grobocopatel invierte en agroquímicos
Compró la firma Agrofina con un plan por $ 400 millones para desarrollar productos de alto valor; vendió su participación en una empresa en Brasil a la japonesa Mitsubishi Corporation.
01 Jun 2013Reuters
Mitsubishi to control grain company Los Grobo Ceagro do Brasil-Nikkei
Japanese trading house Mitsubishi Corp plans to acquire a majority stake in Brazilian grain company Los Grobo Ceagro do Brasil in a deal worth about 50 billion yen (US$495 million)
31 May 2013Kyodo
Mozambique farmers seek halt to aid project
Farmers in Mozambique are calling on the governments of Japan, Brazil and Mozambique to halt a project aimed at supporting agricultural development there, saying it will result in land grabs.
30 May 2013
モザンビーク共和国政府は、ブラジル連邦共和国政府並びに日本国政府との協力の下、2011年4 月にプロサバンナ事業を開始しました。
28 May 2013UNAC
Carta aberta para deter e reflectir de forma urgente o Programa ProSavana
Os signatárias desta Carta Aberta dirigem-se à chefes de Governo de Moçambique, Brasil e Japão para requerer que mandem tomar todas as medidas necessárias para suspensão imediata de todas as acções e projectos em curso nas savanas tropicais do Corredor de Nacala.
28 May 2013UNAC et al
Open Letter from Mozambican civil society organisations and movements to the presidents of Mozambique and Brazil and the Prime Minister of Japan
Mozambican peasants union and large number of national and international groups call on heads of state of Mozambique, Japan and Brazil to immediately suspend the ProSavana agribusiness project.
21 May 2013Terraviva
Interview with FGV coordinator Cleber Guarany about the ProSavana Project in Mozambique.
Translation of an interview given by the coordinator of the consulting firm responsible for developing the ProSavana master plan and coordinating private sector investment.

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