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28 Jan 2013
Analysis of the discourse and background of the ProSAVANA programme in Mozambique – focusing on Japan’s role
Report on Japan's role in the ProSAVANA programme in Mozambique by Sayaka Funada Classen.
28 Jan 2013
Análise do Discurso e dos Antecedentes do Programa ProSAVANA em Moçambique – enfoque no papel do Japão
Este artigo de Sayaka Funada Classen examina as características e os antecedentes do Programa de Cooperação Triangular para o Desenvolvimento da Agricultura das Savanas Tropicais em Moçambique assinado conjuntamente pelos governos do Japão, Brasil e Moçambique em 2009.
25 Jan 2013JA!/FOE
Posição da Justiça Ambiental/FOE Moçambique sobre o programa Prosavana
A Justiça Ambiental/FOE Moçambique condena veemente todo o processo de elaboração e implementação do ProSavana
25 Jan 2013JA!/FOE
Justiça Ambiental/FOE Mozambique’s position on the Prosavana Program
Justiça Ambiental (Friends of the Earth - Mozambique) strongly condemns the whole process of preparing and implementing ProSavana
22 Jan 2013Euromoney
Brazilian agro-investments set to rise
Valiance, a London-based asset manager, launched a fund in May 2012 that aims to invest in Brazilian farmland through a joint venture with Bovespa-listed farming company SLC Agrícola
20 Jan 2013Diário do Amazonas
Estrangeiros têm US$ 60 bilhões em terras no Brasil
Um relatório do Banco Central sobre investimentos no País, nas mãos da presidente Dilma, informa que estrangeiros já compraram US$ 60 bilhões em terras no Brasil.
31 Dec 2012CJDS
Land grabbing in Latin America
Special issue of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies contains 8 articles covering country experiences with land grabbing in Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala and Mexico.
26 Dec 2012AIM
Mozambique: "Pro-Savana" will not deprive farmers of land
The Mozambican government has insisted that no farmer will lose land as a result of the “Pro-Savana” agricultural development programme in the north of the country.
21 Dec 2012Infocampo
¿Quién es quién? Calyx Agro: la compañía de Louis Dreyfus para el farming y real estate
La companía fue fundada en 2007 con el objeto de canalizar fondos para la compra y desarrollo de campos en la Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay y Uruguay, la producción agropecuaria y la comercialización de sus productos.
13 Dec 2012EJOLT
Interview with GRAIN on the ProSavana project
Imagine a land of 14 million hectares, bigger than Switzerland and Austria combined. Populated by millions of farming families that together practice shifting cultivation. Now imagine a foreign consultant saying that all of these are abandoned lands.
03 Dec 2012Landgrab-Japan
03 Dec 2012MercoPress
Brazil farmland prices quadrupled over the past decade outpacing inflation
Prices for farmland in Brazil surged by an average 14% a year to nearly quadruple over the past decade, well outpacing inflation and nearly matching gains made by São Paulo's blue-chip Ibovespa stock index, a new study shows.

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26 Apr 2014 - Berkeley, CA
Our land: a symposium on farmland access in the 21st century
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28 Apr 2014 - New York
Global AgInvesting 2014
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