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26 Dec 2012AIM
Mozambique: "Pro-Savana" will not deprive farmers of land
The Mozambican government has insisted that no farmer will lose land as a result of the “Pro-Savana” agricultural development programme in the north of the country.
21 Dec 2012Infocampo
¿Quién es quién? Calyx Agro: la compañía de Louis Dreyfus para el farming y real estate
La companía fue fundada en 2007 con el objeto de canalizar fondos para la compra y desarrollo de campos en la Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay y Uruguay, la producción agropecuaria y la comercialización de sus productos.
13 Dec 2012EJOLT
Interview with GRAIN on the ProSavana project
Imagine a land of 14 million hectares, bigger than Switzerland and Austria combined. Populated by millions of farming families that together practice shifting cultivation. Now imagine a foreign consultant saying that all of these are abandoned lands.
03 Dec 2012Landgrab-Japan
03 Dec 2012MercoPress
Brazil farmland prices quadrupled over the past decade outpacing inflation
Prices for farmland in Brazil surged by an average 14% a year to nearly quadruple over the past decade, well outpacing inflation and nearly matching gains made by São Paulo's blue-chip Ibovespa stock index, a new study shows.
30 Nov 2012ANBA
Kenana to invest US$ 2 bn in five years
Kenana Sugar Company is the head of the spear of the Sudanese project for agricultural development. While governments and Arab companies discuss strategies for the sector, the organisation plans to invest US$ 2 billion over the next five years in several expansion projects.
30 Nov 2012Brasil de Fato
L'agrobusiness brésilien envahit l'Afrique
Au Mozambique, un méga projet menace de déplacer des millions de paysans
30 Nov 2012Brasil de Fato
Agronegócio brasileiro invade a África
Mega projeto brasileiro poderá deslocar milhões de camponeses em Moçambique.
30 Nov 2012Brasil de Fato
Brazilian agribusiness invades Africa
A Brazilian megaproject in Mozambique is set to displace millions of peasants
28 Nov 2012Reuters
Brazilian farmland prices nearly quadruple in last decade-study
Investment and pension funds are buying up Brazilian farmland and steadily pushing up the prices of Brazil's productive tropical farmland.
16 Nov 2012IHU
Uma corrida por terras de emergentes
A corrida por terras agrícolas levou investidores estrangeiros a adquirir pelo menos 83 milhões de hectares em países em desenvolvimento entre 2000 e 2010, segundo o Deutsche Bank.
15 Nov 2012Survival
US food giant Bunge accused over biofuel 'tainted with Indian blood'
US food giant Bunge has been implicated in a sugarcane scandal in Brazil that has kept an entire indigenous community off its land, polluted streams and inflicted illness and death on Guarani Indians.

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