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31 May 2013Kyodo
Mozambique farmers seek halt to aid project
Farmers in Mozambique are calling on the governments of Japan, Brazil and Mozambique to halt a project aimed at supporting agricultural development there, saying it will result in land grabs.
30 May 2013
モザンビーク共和国政府は、ブラジル連邦共和国政府並びに日本国政府との協力の下、2011年4 月にプロサバンナ事業を開始しました。
28 May 2013UNAC
Carta aberta para deter e reflectir de forma urgente o Programa ProSavana
Os signatárias desta Carta Aberta dirigem-se à chefes de Governo de Moçambique, Brasil e Japão para requerer que mandem tomar todas as medidas necessárias para suspensão imediata de todas as acções e projectos em curso nas savanas tropicais do Corredor de Nacala.
28 May 2013UNAC et al
Open Letter from Mozambican civil society organisations and movements to the presidents of Mozambique and Brazil and the Prime Minister of Japan
Mozambican peasants union and large number of national and international groups call on heads of state of Mozambique, Japan and Brazil to immediately suspend the ProSavana agribusiness project.
21 May 2013Terraviva
Interview with FGV coordinator Cleber Guarany about the ProSavana Project in Mozambique.
Translation of an interview given by the coordinator of the consulting firm responsible for developing the ProSavana master plan and coordinating private sector investment.
14 May 2013Estadao
Reino de Mapitoba
O reino das fazendas corporativas está sendo conhecido por Mapitoba, acrônimo extraído das duas primeiras letras de Maranhão, Piauí, Tocantins e Bahia.
07 May 2013Agrimoney
BrasilAgro flags buoyancy of Brazil land market
BrasilAgro flagged the buoyancy of Brazil's farmland market by selling off part of its holding for the equivalent of $6,000 an acre – more than four times the price it paid six years ago.
03 May 2013afrika süd
Mosambik: „Terras baratas“
Mosambik lockt kommerzielle Farmer, um die vernachlässigte Landwirtschaft zu modernisieren. Mega-Projekt ProSavana: Dem Agrobusiness wird ein riesiges Gebiet im Norden zur Erschließung überlassen. Brasilien exportiert mit Finanzmitteln aus Japan sein Agrarmodell samt der Widersprüche nach Afrika. Doch formiert sich Widerstand.
30 Apr 2013Justiça Ambiental et al
Leaked ProSAVANA Master Plan confirms worst fears
Civil society groups warn secretive plan paves the way for a massive land grab in northern Mozambique.
22 Apr 2013Responsible Investor
Swedish buffer fund AP2 under scrutiny from NGO over Brazilian farmland investments
Sweden’s SEK227.3bn (€26.7bn) state buffer fund Andra AP-fonden (AP2) has been accused of a lack of transparency and snapping up cheap agricultural land in Brazil by campaign group Swedwatch. AP2 denies the allegations.
18 Apr 2013El País
Las barreras a la extranjerización de la tierra tienen sus agujeros
Argentina, Brasil y Bolivia han reaccionado al fenómeno adoptando restricciones a la propiedad extranjera de la tierra, sin embargo Grain advierte de que las barreras que están creándose contra la inversión extranjera resultan endebles.
16 Apr 2013Swedwatch
Lack of transparency when Swedish Pension Fund AP2 invests in farmland in Brazil
A new Swedwatch report shows a lack of transparency and inadequate auditing of ethics and environmental impacts in AP2’s investment in farmland in Brazil. For business reasons, the investment is surrounded by a high level of secrecy, which makes scrutiny from the outside impossible.

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