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27 Feb 2013This is Africa
Lessons from Brazil in Mozambique's Nacala Corridor
Brazil is helping develop Mozambican agriculture by promoting large-scale farming and supporting smallholders. Can it do both at once?
22 Feb 2013IPS
Mozambican farmers fear foreign land grabs
“In the very short term land will became scarcest for Mozambicans because the government is attracting foreign investors arguing that we have huge unused land“, a spokesperson for UNAC told IPS. “What happens, in fact, when investors come, their appetite is centered on land already being used by locals.”
13 Feb 2013Palvraberta
O projeto Prosavana - uma visão menos maquiada
Entrevista com o governo federal deputado Luiz Nishimori
29 Jan 2013Jakarta Globe
Indonesia’s Salim Group enters Brazil
Indofood Sukses Makmur is planning to acquire a 50 percent stake in a plantation company in Brazil through its subsidiary Indofood Agri Resources, as the company expands its sugar plantation business.
28 Jan 2013
Analysis of the discourse and background of the ProSAVANA programme in Mozambique – focusing on Japan’s role
Report on Japan's role in the ProSAVANA programme in Mozambique by Sayaka Funada Classen.
28 Jan 2013
Análise do Discurso e dos Antecedentes do Programa ProSAVANA em Moçambique – enfoque no papel do Japão
Este artigo de Sayaka Funada Classen examina as características e os antecedentes do Programa de Cooperação Triangular para o Desenvolvimento da Agricultura das Savanas Tropicais em Moçambique assinado conjuntamente pelos governos do Japão, Brasil e Moçambique em 2009.
25 Jan 2013JA!/FOE
Posição da Justiça Ambiental/FOE Moçambique sobre o programa Prosavana
A Justiça Ambiental/FOE Moçambique condena veemente todo o processo de elaboração e implementação do ProSavana
25 Jan 2013JA!/FOE
Justiça Ambiental/FOE Mozambique’s position on the Prosavana Program
Justiça Ambiental (Friends of the Earth - Mozambique) strongly condemns the whole process of preparing and implementing ProSavana
22 Jan 2013Euromoney
Brazilian agro-investments set to rise
Valiance, a London-based asset manager, launched a fund in May 2012 that aims to invest in Brazilian farmland through a joint venture with Bovespa-listed farming company SLC Agrícola
20 Jan 2013Diário do Amazonas
Estrangeiros têm US$ 60 bilhões em terras no Brasil
Um relatório do Banco Central sobre investimentos no País, nas mãos da presidente Dilma, informa que estrangeiros já compraram US$ 60 bilhões em terras no Brasil.
31 Dec 2012CJDS
Land grabbing in Latin America
Special issue of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies contains 8 articles covering country experiences with land grabbing in Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala and Mexico.
26 Dec 2012AIM
Mozambique: "Pro-Savana" will not deprive farmers of land
The Mozambican government has insisted that no farmer will lose land as a result of the “Pro-Savana” agricultural development programme in the north of the country.

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