11 Feb 2016 Business Standard
Companies must explore Africa for producing pulses, oilseed: Govt of India
"We are willing to offer 10,000-15,000 hectare on lease for 99 years," Zambia Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda said.
12 Jan 2016 Nyasa Times
Malawi: Chiefs clash with subjects over land sale to Indian investor
"Imagine, they started demarcating the land earmarked for selling without our knowledge. Our chiefs jumped the gun because we were supposed to be consulted from the word go other than seeing our land being demarcated"
30 Dec 2015 SOMO
Bittersweet: Sustainability issues in the sugar cane supply chain
Based on new field research the report expands on working conditions and land conflict in Malawi’s sugar industry where Illovo Sugar (Malawi) Limited, a subsidiary of Associated British Foods is the country’s only producer
14 Dec 2015 Nyasa Times
Malawi investigates land grab report by multinationals
“Grabbed by multinationals? Who is grabbing? Well, I just don’t think that’s true. Some of these civil society organisations should be questioned on how they analyse issues," says Malawi's President to BBC.
02 Dec 2015 PLAAS
Commercialisation of land and ‘land grabbing': Implications for land rights and livelihoods in Malawi
This study investigates the processes and impact of commercialisation of land in Malawi – specifically the acquisition of huge tracts of communal lands by foreign companies and local elites for sugarcane production.
23 Nov 2015 Landesa
RIPL’s Malawi case study emphasizes need to address land rights, women’s rights in land investments
As part of Landesa’s ongoing Responsible Investments in Property and Land (RIPL) Project, Landesa staff conducted, in cooperation with Illovo Sugar Ltd, a study focused on Illovo’s operations in Malawi.
04 Nov 2015 PLAAS
Land governance in Malawi: Lessons from large-scale acquisitions
Over the past decade, rural Malawians have witnessed a surge in large-scale land acquisitions for commercial agriculture that threaten their access, control and ownership of customary land.
19 Mar 2015 Illovo
Illovo Sugar Limited Launches its Group Guidelines on Land and Land Rights
Illovo Sugar Limited is pleased to announce the launch of its Group Guidelines on Land and Land Rights.
18 Dec 2014 BBC
Villagers losing their land to Malawi's sugar growers
We met dozens of families with land circling Dwangwa town in central Malawi, who said they had been driven out to make way for larger, industrial farm-projects.
25 Nov 2014 PRNewswire
AgDevCo invests USD 2M in Malawian macadamia nut company
AgDevCo and African Agricultural Capital Fund announce investments in a 518 ha Malawian macadamia farm.
01 Sep 2014 Fairtrade International
A seat at the table? Ensuring smallholder farmers are heard in Public-private partnerships
Study of agricultural PPPs in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya, identifies examples of PPPs failing to engage effectively with smallholder farmers.
01 Aug 2014 Mail & Guardian
Sugar wars: 35 years of bitter feuds in Central Malawi
Four hundred subsistence farmers say sugar giant Illovo illegally took over 600 ha of their land in 1979. And they still want it back.


Cambodia: Sugar for the EU is destroying our land. Sign the petition to tell EU to stop supporting land grabbing in Cambodia.

Urgent appeal: Arbitrary detention and continued judicial harassment against members of the Malen Land Owners and Users Association

Call for mobilisation: West African caravan for land, water and seeds

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