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25 May 2014Le Figaro
Le Gabon prépare l'après-pétrole
Au Gabon, il n'y a pas que l'or noir.
10 Aug 2013Semana
Colombia: Tenedores y cuchillos
Escribe Néstor Humberto que el gobierno o la Procuraduría podrán anular las operaciones que acumulen baldíos “siempre que estén registrados en los folios de matrícula con su respectiva restricción”. O sea que si no figura en los papeles, es legal.
03 Jul 2012SR Fund
The SR Fund offers long term SIPP investors a multitude of benefits
The new Luxembourg-registered Sustainable Resources Fund boasts anticipated potential returns of at least 15% per annum on forestry, agriculture, biomass and land.
12 Oct 2011Reuters
Sierra Leone arrests 39 in oil palm land lease dispute
Sierra Leone authorities have arrested 39 protesters in the south of the West African nation, following tensions between the local population and a unit of Socfin, owned by France's Bolloré Group
12 Oct 2011Awoko
Conflict in Pujehun over land
Socfin Agricultural Company is embroiled in serious land lease agreement tussle that has the tendency to ignite conflict between foreign investors and locals.
12 Oct 2011Reuters
La Sierra Leone arrête 39 manifestants dans un affrontement concernant la location de terres destinées à la production d’huile de palme
Les autorités de la Sierra Leone ont arrêté 39 manifestants dans le sud de cette nation ouest-africaine, à la suite de tensions entre la population locale et une unité de Socfin, l’investisseur international en agrobusiness.
11 Oct 2011Green Scenery
Early warning: Growing tension in Malen Chiefdom
Thirty peaceful protesters were arrested in Sahn Malen, Sierra Leone for blocking access to oil palm plantations owned by Socfin, which they accuse of grabbing their lands.
11 Oct 2011Green Scenery
Alerte précoce : Tensions exacerbées dans la chefferie de Malen
La police a arrêté des manifestants opposés à l’accord foncier de Socfin en Sierra Leone. Les parties prenantes devraient se mettre à la table des négociations.
13 May 2011Green Scenery
The Socfin land deal missing out on best practices: Report on fact finding mission to Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Sierra Leone
On March 5, 2011 in the presence of armed security forces the lease agreement was signed against payments from 173,000,000.00 Leones stacked on a table and paid to those signing the agreement.
22 Mar 2011Awoko
Resident Minister condemns MP for incitement against Government
Political turmoil over Sierra Leone MP's nationwide broadcast inciting the people of Malen Chiefdom against the Government and the local Chiefs for having entered into a land deal with Luxembourg-based SOCFIN.
11 Mar 2011Awoko
SOCFIN Agricultural Company set to establish $ 100 million oil project in Malen chiefdom
Investment involves a 40-year lease agreement for the establishment of over 16,000 acres of an oil palm project.
25 Jan 2011AP
Agricultural company Adecoagro preps for $400M IPO
Adecoagro is based in Luxembourg, but it is one of the biggest farmland owners in Latin America with holdings worth about $784 million

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

Who's involved?

25 Mar 2015 - Tunis
FSM 2015: Espace de convergence des luttes pour la terre et l'eau