21 Oct 2015 ASO
International organisations launch petition in support of jailed Ethiopian activists as court date approaches
The three activists, who face terrorism charges for attempting to attend a workshop on food security, face a court hearing in Addis Ababa on October 22.
30 Sep 2015 Arte
La ruée vers les terres agricoles - ARTE documentaire
La concentration des terres dans les mains de grands groupes explose, notamment en Europe, au détriment des petits agriculteurs. Comment réformer un modèle aux airs d’agrobusiness ?
20 Aug 2015 Reuters
Agribusiness on rise in north Uganda region where rebels fought
Investors have poured tens of millions of dollars into a war torn landscape in northern Uganda now dotted with tracts of maize, rice, sunflower, sesame and commercial forests.
13 Jul 2015 CEA
La CEA, l’Allemagne et la Banque mondiale lancent un nouveau réseau d’excellence sur la gouvernance foncière
Le "réseau d'excellence sur la gouvernance foncière en Afrique" (NELGA) aidera à débloquer des investissements beaucoup plus importants pour les opérations en vue de renforcer la gouvernance foncière.
13 Jul 2015 World Bank
ECA, Germany and World Bank to launch new network of excellence on land governance
The UN's Economic Commission, Germany's BMZ and the World Bank signed a Declaration of Intent to establish a new Network of Excellence on Land Governance in Africa to better secure land rights across Africa.
29 Jun 2015 Agrimoney
KTG Agrar unveils China hopes, as Fosun takes 9% stake
Hong Kong-listed Fosun International, a conglomerate with investments in businesses ranging from holiday resort chain Club Med to upmarket circus show Cirque de Soleil, is to buy 9% of German farm-operator KTG Agrar.
03 Jun 2015 KfW
New $15 million lending facility to finance african agricultural enterprises
KfW, the German Development Bank on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, along with AgDevCo and Root Capital, announces the launch of the Lending for African Farming Company (LAFCo)
30 May 2015 Afrique-Europe-Interact
Transnational resistance against land grabbing in Mali
Two villages, Sanamadougou and Sahou, in Mali, have been fighting for the past five years against eviction from their land by the large-scale investor Modibo Keita.
21 Apr 2015 Deutsche Welle
Agri-investors stoke monoculture
With more savvy investors buying up farmland, land prices have doubled within five years and the result is mega-farms like KTG Agra, which owns 50,000 ha in eastern Germany, Lithuania and Romania.
06 Feb 2015 Sputnik News
German lawmakers claim Ukraine conflict covers up massive cropland seizures
According to the office of German parliament member, the conflict in Ukraine is used to cover up a sale of farmlands in the interest of major corporations.
19 Nov 2014 inSerbia
German company to open pig farm in Serbia
Germany’s largest meat producer Clemens Toennies will finalise a deal for a pig farm with 1,500,000 animal units on 15,000 hectares of land in Serbia.
04 Sep 2014 PEI
Lufthansa helps establish $600m biofuel fund
German airline Lufthansa in talks with several investment firms about taking on management of a private equity fund that will invest into farmland in Cameroon and Eastern Europe to grow oil crops.


DR Congo: Take action to stop intimidation of community leaders accused of supporting protests against Canadian oil palm plantation company.

Sign the petition to denounce the arrest of Ethiopian food & land activists and help support their families.

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