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17 Jun 2014EurActiv
NGOs blame Berlin for feeding big business land grabs
NGOs in Germany accuse the public development agency DEG of promoting land grabbing in developing and newly industrialised countries and blames the German government for not taking the issue seriously.
26 Jan 2014AFP
'Land grab' ups prices in eastern Germany
Land prices in eastern Germany are rising at dizzying rates and local farmers feel they are being squeezed out by foreign investors in a phenomenon known as "land grabbing".
19 Jan 2014AFP
Les terres agricoles de ex-Rda, objets de convoitise
Les grandes exploitations agricoles de ex-RDA héritées du communisme attisent la convoitise d'investisseurs et les prix flambent dans cette partie de l'Allemagne où la grogne monte contre le "landgrabbing".
16 Jan 2014Donor Platform
Land governance programme map
On January 22 a comprehensive database on land and resource governance programmes funded by members of the Global Donor Working Group on Land will be presented during the AGA in Paris.
16 Jan 2014Deutsche Welle
German holding company farming in Zambia
Amatheon, a company part owned by the German holding company Sapinda, grows wheat and soya beans on 30,000 ha that it has leased in Zambia.
13 Jan 2014Euromoney
Farmland: Yield-starved investors go back to the land
This year could see a surge in interest in farmland from investors with very little experience in this complicated asset class, reports Euromoney
17 Dec 2013Deutsche Welle
Farmers struggle to survive in Eastern Germany
Young farmers in eastern Germany are scrambling to find land as they compete with large multinationals.
09 Dec 2013DFID
Featherstone: G8 land deal to boost land rights in Ethiopia
Governments of Ethiopia, UK, US and Germany sign land country partnership to work together to improve rural land governance for economic growth and to protect the land rights of local citizens in Ethiopia.
27 Nov 2013Der Spiegel
Land grab: Foreign firms drive Cambodians from farms
Human rights groups claim German taxpayer money is used to fund a program that benefits land grabbers.
13 Sep 2013Agrimoney
Ekosem flags 'huge potential' in Russian dairy
The group said it had acquired 10,000 hectares of land during the half year, taking its total portfolio to 186,000 hectares, of which it owns 101,000 hectares.
27 Aug 2013Deutsche Welle
Claims of illegal eviction in Uganda haunt German firm
In 2001, more than 4,000 people were evicted from land in Uganda after it had been acquired by a German coffee firm on a 99-year lease. The company insists the deal was above board, but an NGO is now raising doubts
13 May 2013The Guardian
Deutsche Bank and IFC accused of bankrolling Vietnam firms' land grabs
Two Vietnamese firms bankrolled by Deutsche Bank and the International Finance Corporation – the World Bank's private lending arm – are leading a wave of land grabs in Cambodia and Laos, causing widespread evictions, illegal logging and food insecurity, according to a report.

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