Karuturi Global Ltd
09 Apr 2013 Business Today
Ram Karuturi mulls taking his rose-to-maize company private
Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi feels a growing sense of unease these days. It stems from an email that Karuturi received on March 7. The sender wrote he had lost Rs 7 lakh by investing in Karuturi Global Ltd's shares.
08 Apr 2013 Business Today
An ambition pricked
Ram Karuturi mulls taking his rose-to-maize company private as its stock shows no signs of bouncing back.
04 Apr 2013 FirstPost
Tax haven expose: Some bizmen say identity mistaken, others nothing
The 612 Indians on the list of those who have invested in tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands include two MPs, a former royal, top industrialists and the CEO of Karuturi Global.
28 Mar 2013 Bloomberg
Karuturi to borrow from sovereign fund after first Ethiopia crop
Karuturi said it will borrow "hundreds of millions" of dollars from a sovereign wealth fund to invest in farming in East Africa after development banks declined to provide assistance because of “unfair” criticism by advocacy groups
04 Mar 2013 Bangalore Mirror
US NGO slams city rose grower’s Ethiopia venture
It alleges that the dealings of Karuturi Global, one of India’s largest flower growers, in the African nation do not smell as sweet as what it grows
27 Feb 2013 HowWeMadeItInAfrica
Six companies investing in African agribusiness, and what we can learn from them
Africa’s agriculture and food industries are attracting increasing interest from investors. This trend is largely fuelled by the fact that the continent has 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, with favourable weather conditions in many countries.
31 Jan 2013 The Hindu
No land grabbing by Indian firms in Africa: Centre
Faced with reports of land grabbing by Indian companies in some African countries, especially Ethiopia, the government says the Indian companies have taken land on lease as per rules of the country concerned.
08 Jan 2013 Rue88
Ethiopia made in China : La course au land-grabbing
L’Inde, autre puissante émergente, a elle-aussi pigé l’aubaine des appels du pied de Zenawi. Mais plutôt que de miser sur la production manufacturière où il est difficile de concurrencer l’atelier chinois, New Delhi s’est rabattu sur le gâteau agricole.
31 Dec 2012 FICCI Business Digest
FICCI President leads industry mission to Ethiopia, addresses COMESA Business Forum
The delegation consisted of senior business leaders from Indian companies such as Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi of Karuturi Global Ltd
05 Dec 2012 The Star
Karuturi flower farm workers down their tools
As losses from Karuturi's Ethiopian farm operations mount, over 3,000 workers from the company's flower farm in Kenya down their tools to protest non-payment of their salaries and poor working conditions.
16 Oct 2012 GRAIN
Who's behind the land grabs?
A slide show by GRAIN that profiles some of those who have been most actively pursuing or supporting farmland grabs around the world.
13 Jun 2012 Bloomberg
Karuturi seeks $100 million to start Ethiopian sugar plantation
The company has approached the African Development Bank, the African Export-Import Bank and the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank to raise another $100 million for a sugarcane estate.

Karuturi Global Ltd

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