09 Jul 2015 Bloomberg
Namibia plans to ban foreigners from owning agricultural land
The Namibian government plans to pass a new land law that will ban foreigners from owning agricultural land, the country’s cabinet said.
16 Mar 2015 Xinhua
Chinese investment in Namibia grows to US$4.6bn
Chinese companies are planning to invest in maize and tobacco farming in the Zambezi region of Namibia where the environment is very good and the land is fertile. The companies are now doing the preparatory work.
10 Mar 2015 The Citizen
Youth activists condemn land given to Chinese company
A group of Namibian youth activists have condemned their government’s intention to approve the lease of 10,000 hectares of fertile land to a Chinese company to grow tobacco for export.
28 Oct 2014 African Intelligence
Les chasses du milliardaire Rashid Sardarov gênent Lodestone
Le projet de développement d'une ferme de gibier de 46 000 ha par l'oligarque russe Rashid Sardarov, près de Windhoek, perturbe un programme d'exploitation de fer dans la zone.
28 Aug 2012 Future Challenges
The great land grab: The discovery of a new aquifer in Namibia
The arid nation of Namibia has a newly discovered aquifer called Ohangwena II, that spans its northeast region, which flows under the boundary between Angola and Namibia, and now the challenge of balancing profit with sustainability looms overhead.
06 Dec 2011 PR Web
Investment opportunities, policies and attributes of commercial farming in Africa unveiled at 2nd Commercial Farm Africa in Dubai!
On 31 January 2012 in Dubai, 2nd Commercial Farm Africa features panel of experts and in-depth analysis on land utilization & investment policies in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Sudan, Namibia, Ghana and Ethiopia.
24 Aug 2010 Reuters
African agricultural finance under the spotlight
African governments need to raise their level of accountability and ensure that they improve and protect their own food security through quid pro quo side-agreements negotiated when they lease or sell their arable land to foreign interests, says Keith Mullin of Thompson Reuters
13 Jul 2010 The Namibian
‘Land grabs’ in Namibia: Blessing or curse?
Namibia has not been spared in the proliferating acquisition of agricultural land in developing countries by multi-national agricultural corporations, popularly referred to as ‘land grabbing’.
12 Jul 2010 Financial Express
It’s not such a long way to Africa
Jagjit Singh Hara, a farmer in Jalandhar, has been getting offers from Congo, Namibia and Nigeria to take land on lease and start cultivation.
04 Jun 2010 World Bank
Unlocking Sub-Saharan Africa’s agricultural potential
World Bank's MIGA provides political risk insurance for Chayton Capital's $50 million farmland investments in southern Africa.
28 May 2010 New Era
Abu Dhabi group enters grape, date hunt
Government of Namibia has leased land to Namibia Development Corporation and the Abu Dhabi-based Al Dhahra Agricultural Company to produce farm grapes and dates on a large commercial scale
18 May 2010 IPS
Namibia: Will farm project mean the river runs dry?
"Local businessmen make deals with foreign investors and convince tribal authorities in the area to give them land, but the water from the river is not just for people to take," says Water Affairs Under Secretary A. Nehemia who had not been informed about the farm.


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