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26 Nov 2013Bloomberg
Ethiopia’s farm investment plans falter on flood plain
Karuturi, like many other large-scale investors, underestimated the complexity of opening land for large-scale commercial agriculture.
28 Oct 2013Journeyman Pictures
Ethiopia - Land for sale (Video)
Ethiopia's huge agricultural output has brought about an economic miracle for the nation. But inhabitants are being pushed out of their native land by foreign investors and have no share in the profits.
28 Mar 2012Financial Chronicle
80 Indian firms invest Rs 10,800 cr in African farms
African continent is the new destination for Indian agriculture companies, as more than 80 of them have invested over Rs 10,800 crore in commercial farming activities in under-developed countries of the region.
05 Jan 2012Le Monde
Choc de cultures en Ethiopie
Gilles van Kote, envoyé spécial du Monde, et Jiro Ose, photographe japonais basé à Addis-Abeba, se sont rendus dans la région de Gambela, à la pointe occidentale de l'Ethiopie, pour enquêter sur le phénomène de location de terres.
05 Jan 2012Le Monde
Scramble for Ethiopia’s Land
Rich soil, a tropical climate, and an abundance of water: the region of Gambela in the west of the country is fertile. Foreign investors are renting thousands of hectares of it to develop intensive agriculture without regard for the environment and the population, reports Le Monde.
11 Dec 2011Addis Fortune
Spreading in Gambella: Investment, criticism, opportunity
Interest by both local and international companies to lease land has been met with criticism by some outside the region, yet locals are unperturbed.
11 Oct 2011Outlook India
The new East India Cos
Obtaining millions of hectares for farming in Africa, Indian firms are playing predator.
19 Aug 2011IDEAs
India’s role in the new global farmland grab
New report provides a detailed examination of the role of the Indian government and Indian companies engaged in overseas agricultural land acquisitions in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
29 Mar 2011Government of Ethiopia
የሰፋፊ መሬቶች ልማት
Goverment of Ethiopia webpage on land lease contracts (in Amharic)
01 Mar 2011Business Line
Ruchi Group lines up $150 m for overseas expansion
Indore-based Ruchi Group plans to grow oil palm in Cambodia on 20,000 ha.
21 Jul 2010Business Today
Out of Africa
Indian floriculture companies are moving into other agri-products in the world's second-largest continent.
10 Jul 2010ASO
Produire du riz ou investir dans la région de Gambela : la vidéo de propagande du gouvernement éthiopien
La voix de l’Anywaa Survival Organisation s’est élevée contre la politique de cession des terres adoptée par le gouvernement éthiopien.

The Dakar declaration against water and land grabbing, drafted and endorsed by the African Social Forum in October 2014, is now open to sign-ons. Please read it, add your organisation's name and get involved!

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25 Mar 2015 - Tunis
FSM 2015: Espace de convergence des luttes pour la terre et l'eau