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06 Dec 2011Oakland Institute
Special investigation phase two: Understanding how land deals contribute to famine and conflict in Africa
Research released today by the Oakland Institute demonstrates that land grabs--largely unregulated land deals involving foreign corporations and speculators--continue to be promoted as a "development" solution for African nations.
06 Dec 2011PR Web
Investment opportunities, policies and attributes of commercial farming in Africa unveiled at 2nd Commercial Farm Africa in Dubai!
On 31 January 2012 in Dubai, 2nd Commercial Farm Africa features panel of experts and in-depth analysis on land utilization & investment policies in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Sudan, Namibia, Ghana and Ethiopia.
06 Dec 2011Iowa State Daily
Iowa State receives criticism for involvement in potential land grabbing
Iowa State University has landed in some hot water regarding its involvement with an international land development project in Tanzania.
03 Dec 2011Toronto Star
Africa's farmland in demand: 'Is there a better place than this?'
The 19th century had the Great Scramble for Africa, when developed nations raced for several decades to lay claim to new territories and their riches. This century may yet be known as the Great Selloff of Africa.
25 Nov 2011CIFOR
Safeguards failing to protect customary rights during large-scale land acquisitions
Legislation and practices aiming to safeguard customary land rights are largely failing to give real decision-making authority to communities affected by large-scale land acquisitions in sub-Saharan Africa, says a recent report by the Center for International Forestry Research.
21 Nov 2011Guardian
Lack of coordination blamed for land grab
Lack of coordination between land different authorities has been cited as among the factors contributing to land grab in Tanzania.
17 Nov 2011VOA
Activists confront US investors over Tanzanian land deal
A fierce debate is currently taking place concerning huge tracts of Tanzanian land which U.S. investors are seeking to develop. Tens of thousands of former refugees now farm the land.
09 Nov 2011The Citizen
UK royals told of land grabbing, herders tell UK royals
Pastoralists yesterday told Prince Charles that foreigners were acquiring huge tracts of land in many areas across Africa for cultivating biofuel plants and for caring out conservation programmes at the expense of the indigenous people who were left landless.
07 Nov 2011ITC
Seminar: Analysis and measures to prevent land grabbing in Tanzania
Ardhi University (Tanzania) and its partners, the UNU School for Land Administration Studies of the University of Twente (Netherlands) and MKURABITA (President’s Office, Tanzania), are organizing a one day national seminar on Land Grabbing in Tanzania.
07 Nov 2011Business Week
Dubai firm invests $500m in Tanzania
City Energy & Infrastructure will be involved in the development of a sugar plantation and sugar processing plant in an area of 100,000 hectares.
03 Nov 2011The Citizen
New land scramble worries small farmers
Tanzanian peasaants complain that the government has been allocating huge tracts of land to certain investors in the district, while refusing to allocate the same pieces of land to local groups that had applied for them.
25 Oct 2011Al Jazeera
Are foreign investors colonising Africa?
Indian author and media commentator Anand Giridharadas joins this Al Jazeera programme along with Oakland Institute’s Executive Director, Anuradha Mittal, and Christine L. Adamow, Managing Director of Africa BioFuel, a US company invested in farmland in Kenya and Tanzania.

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