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17 Apr 2012Haciendo punto en otro Blog
Los nuevos acaparadores de tierras
La soberanía alimentaria de los pueblos enfrenta un nuevo enemigo: el acaparamiento de vastas extensiones de tierras agrícolas
10 Apr 2012Tanzania Daily News
Tanzania: Small farmers bearing brunt of investments
The craze in recent years for huge investments in bio energy and agribusiness in Tanzania has seen small poor farmers being dispossessed of their lands through tricky contracts and the false hope of making riches overnight.
09 Apr 2012Hoy
Se vende África
En la última década, los países en desarrollo han dejado en manos extranjeras una superficie equivalente a media Unión Europea. África es un paraíso para estos inversores.
20 Mar 2012Slate.fr
Tanzanie: Ces universités américaines qui convoitent des terres agricoles
De nouveaux acteurs entrent dans l’accaparement des terres arables africaines. La rentabilité de ces placements n’en finit pas d’attirer les investisseurs.
02 Mar 2012Daily Monitor
Concern over rising number of land disputes in Tanzania
Land conflicts pitting poor villagers against powerful investors now number more than 1,000 a year, according to research findings by Land Resources and Research Institute (HakiArdhi).
27 Feb 2012Tanzania Daily News
Tanzania: Contract farming law to curb rogue investors coming
The government will soon table a Contract Farming Bill in parliament, seeking to enact a law to protect smallholder farmers and rural communities against exploitation by private investors that acquire lands.
11 Feb 2012Associated Press
ISU pulls out as adviser of ag project in Tanzania
Iowa State University is no longer an adviser on an agricultural project in Tanzania led by Iowa-based AgriSol Energy.
24 Jan 2012The Guardian
So much to lose than gain in foreign land investments
The Guardian (Tanzania) discusses with Stanslaus Nyembea, Programme Officer for Lawyers Environmental Action Team (LEAT), on foreign investments and land grabbing in Tanzania
08 Jan 2012The Citizen
Big shots lead in land grabbing, says report
Tanzania is among countries currently faced with increased pressure from foreign investors acquiring unprecedented sizes of land for various bio-fuel projects and food production.
29 Dec 2011Guardian
Changing land laws, policies to suit needs of locals, investors
As more and more fertile lands and rivers are in the hands of few investors, some villagers in southern Africa have started experiencing food shortages, a situation which was not there before.
23 Dec 2011Des Moines Register
Dan Rather: A land grab university?
The people of Iowa — not to mention the refugees of Katumba, Tanzania — deserve an honest explanation for Iowa State University’s part in the AgriSol deal, and not just shameless denials.
14 Dec 2011Guardian
Small-scale farmers decry exclusion, marginalisation
Farmers from Tanzania's Network of Small Scale Farmers (Mviwata) visit the Ministry of Agriculture to explain how recent development projects allocate huge pieces of land to big investors, leaving local farmers without farming land.

The Declaration of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles launched in Dakar at the African Social Forum in October 2014 and reworked in Tunis at the World Social Forum in March 2015 is open for signature and engagement.

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